Things I hate…

I hate writing proposals.

I hate cleaning.

I hate going through mail.

And I gotta do all these things. I have two proposals to write today and I have been putting them off for a whole WEEK! Once it’s done, it translates to possible work and possible MONEY! Why do I have such a hard time sitting down and writing them? The end result is almost always good. Yet I always have had this issue. Back at my previous job, I hated proposal writing. I don’t know. There must be a psychological explanation.
Maybe I am scared of the possibility of rejection? Scared that I will make a mistake. Scared I will have totally missed the boat? Maybe all the above.

Okay, here I go. No more ands, ifs, or buts. I’m gonna do it! And I am gonna have it done before NOON! Let’s go!



Start it!