Michelle and me

My dream last night found me back at the farm. I apparently lived there with the farmer’s wife, Doris. She was teaching me how to create latch hook rugs and I found I had great talent in this arena. Just as I was finishing a huge Cookie Monster rug, Michelle Obama showed up. She asked me to help her out with her style. I told her I would do it as long as she let me stroke her hair. She agreed to this exchange. I told her she should only wear clothes from the Gap and model herself on Jackie O and Abagail Adams. Michelle had no idea who Abagail Adams was and so I gave her a short history lesson. After the mini-class we sat down and looked over this giant book which was a print out of Facebook. Right at this point my memory grows dim and I can’t remember what happened next. I will say that the Michelle Obama of my dream was a very nice lady and she didn’t seem socialist at all.

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