Endless pool of warm saliva

I do not allow myself to watch TV during the day. There is nothing more pathetic to me than a person wasting their day watching TV. Of course I have no problem wasting my day surfing the Internet. Why I draw a distinction, I don’t know. Because I am not feeling my best, I was able to rationalize turning on the TV. I really can’t stand most things on TV. I like Family Guy, South Park, and The Girls Next Door. Yes, I know what this means. I am one sick kitty. As I was clicking through the channels, I landed on TCM just in time for the start of The Shop Around the Corner starring Jimmy Stewart! What a great movie! At the very end, Jimmy and Margaret Sullavan have this little exchange:

Kralik: Do you know what I wish would happen? when your bell rings at 8:30 and you open the door, instead of Popkin, I come in.
Klara: Oh please, don’t make it more difficult for me.
Kralik: And I’d say Klara darling, oh dearest sweetheart Klara, I can’t stand it any longer. Please, take your key and open post office box 237 and take me out of my envelope and kiss me.
Klara: Oh Mr. Kralik, you musn’t …

And then she realizes Jimmy/Kralik has been her penpal, not Popkin and they embrace! I cried! The look in Jimmy’s eyes just hits me in my heart. They don’t make movies like this anymore. Hollywood tries. You’ve Got Mail was its remake. It didn’t even come close.

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