Poly want a cracker

Before I went to bed last night I read the last couple entries Steve Pavlina posted. I’ve been following him on and off for a couple of years. I think I got hooked when he wrote about how to become an early riser. Pavlina is almost always entertaining and I have often found him motivational. There were certain things that bothered me about him though. My main issue has been his wife and her psychic readings. What phooey! I believe people can be intuitive but the whole psychic reading thing is a silly parlor trick. If he’s writing as a smart person for “smart people” how could he accept it and advertise her services? At any rate, I just laughed at the weird stuff like that and took what I could from the good stuff. Last night he wrote how he will now be entering into a period of polyamory. Can I just say my jaw hit the floor? I kept hearing Katherine Hepburn in the African Queen saying, “Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above!” My one hope is he continues to deliver some good tidbits and he doesn’t dwell totally on this new found lifestyle choice.

So at any rate, last night I dreamt I decided to enter into a phase of polyamory. I invited a bunch of people to my house so I could further develop my physical and emotional intimacy channels and connect with many people more deeply. What happened was that each person had demands and I found I spent the entire time trying to live up to everyone’s expectations that I simply didn’t have the time to explore any “channel.” I had to clean out an oven of junk and make french fries and ride elevators, I had to feign enthusiasm when I was presented with a roof to a speed boat and I kept having to make excuses to get away from everyone. It was tiring. I awoke feeling overjoyed that it was just a dream.

7 thoughts on “Poly want a cracker

  1. B. Davis

    Are you a cable suscriber?
    On my cable system, the physical intimacy channels are 12 and 48. All the emotional intimacy channels are owned by Oprah.

  2. Donna Post author

    I don’t think polyamory and group sex is the same thing. Polyamory means having numerous “relationships” at the same time but not consummating all of them at the exact same time.

  3. Kozaburo

    Knowing more than a few people who call themselves “polyamorous”, I can assure you that it’s merely a euphamism. It gets particularly foul when they have to figure out who is a biological father. Each is always a bigger human catastrophe than the last. Sad…

  4. Donna Post author

    I believe you. I think I prefer it when they just call themselves swingers!

    Yesterday Pavlina put out a podcast where he and his wife share their insights, advice, and stories about loving, intimate relationships. All of a sudden he gives me the creeps! “Hi! We’re SWINGERS and we’re gonna tell you how to love maturely!” Yuck!

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