Tricia Takanawa

I keep hearing people talk about our black president, Barack Obama. Each time I hear it, I cringe and think of Asian Reporter, Tricia Takanawa on Family Guy:

And coming soon, I will be answering Martin’s question, “Donna you seem like such a nice person, why are you an evil Republican?” A question for the ages, really.

3 thoughts on “Tricia Takanawa

  1. gerald harrington

    Donna, I’m sooo glad I’m no longer opening your site and seeing a picture of Water Gate salad. Yuuck!

  2. B. Davis

    If you’re a Republican, the
    first rule should be:
    1. Stop playing defense

    Quit being put in a corner
    and stop apologizing for being
    a decent, hard-working person.

    Turn the tables on THEM.
    Ask them why THEY vote socialist…

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