Joan Jett

Slumming around Rhapsody this morning I stumbled upon a song by Sweet that I honestly thought was a (relatively) new Joan Jett song! The song is A.C.D.C and the Joan Jett video featured Carmen Electra. It was right around when this video came out I posted an entry admitting I had no idea Joan Jett was gay and I was oddly surprised. Listening to the Sweet song, I noticed the lyrics were changed just slightly for Joan. Women became Fellah. I guess they had to do that to keep the whole AC/DC vibe going. Otherwise it would be AC/AC or maybe DC/DC? Is alternating current male or is that direct current? I have no clue! At any rate, it got me thinking of another Joan Jett song, Crimson and Clover. That was originally an old Tommy James and the Shondells song. (Is Joan the world’s best cover artist?) Joan didn’t change the words for that one. She sang, “I don’t hardly know her, but I think I could love her…” I remember, years ago, sitting in the car with Audra and Lisa and this song came on the radio and I said, “I wonder why they didn’t change the lyrics?”
“What would you change them to?” asked Lisa.
“Well, she could sing, I don’t hardly know HIM, but I think I could love HIM.”
And then Audra said, “Yeah but then the next line would have to be, Crimson and Clovem, Ovem and Ovem.” I don’t know why but I still get a kick out of that and whenever I hear the song I can’t help but sing it as, Crimson and Clovem, Ovem and Ovem. 🙂



It’s funny what I don’t mind as long as it has a good beat and I can dance to it.

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