This morning I awoke at 6am. I stayed in bed until 6:45. I somehow was able to leave my house a little after 7. I had dreams of the guys from the movie, Superbad wanting to make a prequel to the movie Swingers. I also dreamt I ran into my old college friend Shawn and she asked if she could live with me because she was pregnant and had no where else to go. I took her in to my very odd looking house which seemed to be decorated with the stage sets Erin and I designed and painted back in 10th grade for our school’s production of the Music Man.

Last night I watched the movie, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. I loved it, of course. I love all movies that contain dwarves. And wolfmen. And giants. And armless women. These are my people! There was also a TON of nudity! But not the type of nudity you may expect. This was regular-looking people nudity. There were a lot of floppy body parts shown. This is the type of nudity I saw when I visited the nude beach on the Island of Ruegen in the Baltic Sea oh so many years ago. (It really is a shame the short shelf life of Germans)

The next movie on my Netflix queue is a movie recommended by Nathan called, Lars and the Real Girl. I am very much looking forward to seeing it. I am hoping there may be a break in all this nudity that the last few movies I watched contained. Not that I don’t appreciate the human form unclothed, I just think my eyes need a break.

(I got the most wonderfully tasty cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts this morning.)

4 thoughts on “Dunkalicious

  1. gerald harrington

    I’ve never been able to subject myself to “Fellini Satyricon” but I will have to sooner or later.

  2. Nathan

    So much synchronicity …

    First, a movie-mention I recommended (honored).

    Second, a “Music Man” reference. I’ll have you know that 9 of my 15 minutes of fame were burned-up playing Charlie Cowell, The Anvil Salesman in our high-school production of “The Music Man”.

    And, third: since I’m the movie-recommending-fool, check out “Pittsburgh”. It’s a mockumentary of Jeff Goldblum as himself starring in a local production of The Music Man.

    Funny stuff.


  3. Donna Post author

    I’ve subjected myself to Fellini Satyricon a couple times– it’s odd, that’s for sure. I enjoy it though.

  4. Donna Post author

    All 15 minutes of my 15 minutes of fame were burned up playing Lysistrata in college. 🙂

    Pittsburgh sounds great! That’s going on my queue next. I love Jeff Goldblum.

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