I awoke from the sound of my alarm. I stayed in bed for some time, enjoying the lack of pain in my mouth. I am guessing the pills I took last night are working OR the pain subsided on its own. Last night I got most of the stuff I needed to accomplished. I epliated my legs– like a thousand bees descended onto my legs in a mad fury of activity. I do it because I find when I shave, the hair grows back almost instantaneously. When I epliate, I get a good hour of depilation. Now I have to get myself the rest of the way ready. Right now I am considering not bothering with makeup and doing it at work right before the event. That way I look less like Tammy Faye (Good luck to her in heaven!). I hate putting makeup over old makeup. Okay, I can no longer avoid this any longer. I MUST GET READY! (Is it obvious that I am not really interested in smiling and networking tonight? I shouldn’t have made all those doctors appointments, I think I am wiped out from them. Oh well, this is not something I can avoid so I must do what I do when faced with a situation I am not crazy about– pretend I want to do it and eventually my head starts to believe it)

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