Marti Mojito

I had a meeting in Quakertown yesterday afternoon. Instead of going straight home I went to Green Acres, or rather as Rob terms his farm house, Wuthering Heights. We sat on his porch and ate peach pie and drank Mojitos. The Mojito was so very easy to make and very refreshing. it’s not an authentic recipe but it works!

Here’s the recipe:

1 part Marti Mojito Rum
2 parts Sierra Mist Soda
Mint leaves
Slice of lime

Place ice in glass. Mash mint. Spoon mashed mint into glass. Pour in rum and soda. Place slice of lime in glass. Mix it all around. Sip!

1 thought on “Marti Mojito

  1. John Beck

    No way, Mojito’s are a pain in the ass to make, but they are pretty damn tasty. I don’t know that recipe, instead of Sierra Mist mine calls for sugar/soda water/lime, so yea, i guess that’s the same thing, 🙂

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