24: The Legend Continues

Why do I watch 24? Why can’t I stop watching it? I watch it in the same way cars slow down when they pass an accident. It’s not love, it’s morbid curiosity! What really kicks me is that with some tweaking, I could really love this show. Starters, get rid of Keifer Sutherland and replace him with Peta Wilson. Get rid of the whole US government corruption plot and have the show take place in Toronto. Give Peta Wilson a partner, say a Mountie portrayed by Paul Gross. Instead of driving around in a sports car, they can patrol Toronto in an ice cream truck. And to add a different perspective, Peta can be an immortal where she has several flashbacks per episode in which she thinks of her past father figure portrayed by Nigel Bennett who likewise has flashbacks to his vampire lover portrayed by Geraint Wyn Davies. In addition to catching terrorists, Peta will also be searching for the one-armed man who killed her husband. Paul Gross, unbeknownst to Peta, is actually a space alien who is running from a paranoid government agent who feels Paul is dangerous and wants to capture, examine, and probably kill him. Regardless, he is able to continue his job as anti-terrorist cop and award-winning freelance photographer. There will also be some comic relief provided by Kim Chan a crazy Shaolin priest that both Peta and Paul visit for spiritual guidance. (A hilarious side plot will reveal that Paul dresses like a woman to obtain a rent-controlled apartment) Lastly, after hours, Peta and Paul hang out at the Raven, a goth club where they can let their hair down and relax after many hours of fighting the bad guys.

See! With just a little tweaking I think they could actually have something much more enjoyable and watchable.

I forgot to mention that Peta doesn’t carry a weapon but rather makes use of mundane materials around her to create unorthodox solutions to any problems she or her partner might face. Oh, and the woman who lives across the hall from Peta is a dwarf because as we all know, the best movies and TV shows all feature dwarves.