red rubber ball

There was a time Erin and I would go to nightclubs or bars. We frequented open mike events and poetry slams. We were two wild and crazy gals! This morning, we met at H-Mart and grocery shopped together. Times sure have changed.

I’m feeling tired even though I really haven’t done anything physically strenuous this weekend. Last night I pumped air into my red exercise ball. I don’t really exercise with it. Mainly I sit on it while I watch TV or I use it to stretch my back. I really wish it had handles. I want to get back into doing the Pontani Sister’s Go-Go-Aerobics. The weather keeps vacillating between rather nice and horribly freezing. When it’s nice I go for long walks but when it’s freezing, all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cover myself in a fleece blanket and not move. Exercise would be a good thing.