Lisa came into my bedroom right before leaving for work.
“Look Donna! I’m dressed like Stevie Wonder!”
She wore a black tiered skirt with black slouchy boots. She spun in a circle and began to sing, “I climbed a mountain and I turned around!”
“Lisa, that’s not Stevie Wonder, that’s Stevie Nicks.”
“Same thing.”
“No, not at all.”

Today’s Lesson:
wonder.jpg Stevie WONDER

nicks.jpg Stevie NICKS

5 thoughts on “Wonderment

  1. rosa

    It is so obvious that she didn’t fall far from the tree. You should keep a list of her malaprops, etc…..there might be a book or comedy routine waiting to be written. Shecky Greene was famous for his routine based on that kind of material.

  2. B. Davis

    I had almost forgotten what those entertainers looked like 30 years ago. Thanks for the
    trip down memory lane.

  3. B. Davis

    Here is a tip (free of course…because it’s not worth much) on job-hunting:

    The “financial planner” interviewing process involves:

    a. Taking a 1-2 hour intelligence test that separates humans from one-celled amoebas.

    b. An “informational meeting” that consists of
    some fast-talking huckster describing how YOU…
    YES, YOU LITTLE LADY…can make $100K in 3 years!
    (never mind that there’s a 99% attrition rate
    over 3 years).

    c. And then they ask you to name “all the people you know” (in other words, BEFORE even hiring you, they want to use you, FOR FREE, as a job lead machine. Just fork over about 25-50 names of potential customers, and they MIGHT hire you….but they PROBABLY will, because you’re such a fantastic candidate!

    (I’ve gone through interviews with two of these types of companies already…major companies you’ve heard of…and companies I’ll never buy from now that I know their hiring process)

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