Favorite/Happy Things

I absolutely LOVE Lean Cuisine meals. My new favorites are Hunan Beef & Broccoli and Thai-Style Chicken.

Everyday I am deluged by credit card offers. Normally I open the envelope, separate the papers and shred them. I could probably fill a room with all the paper I have shredded. Yesterday, I noticed that they are finally providing an opt out service. By dialing 1-888-567-8688, I was able to opt out of this garbage for 5 years! I think I not only saved my sanity but also a few dozen forests.

Watching Les Biches with the commentary on, I learned that the correct pronunciation of Jean-Louis Trintignant is Treh TEEN yun.

Chuck Norris is cool

DVDShrink is the coolest app in the whole wide world.

3 thoughts on “Favorite/Happy Things

  1. Martin

    Tip for junk mail with busines reply envelopes (paid by receiver!) Put the junk in the envelope, on entry forms write a big NO accross it, and send it. In most cases you will never receive junk mail from the sender. It functions with me! And you may fill the envelope so that it is really heavy, and the receiver has to pay even more. You can do this with any kind of junk mail.

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