It just happened for the third time. I found what appears to be a billbug in my office. It is always in the same corner of the room and it just sits there doing nothing. Each time I grab a plastic cup, scoop up the bug and set it free outside. I am now wondering if it is the same billbug and he’s just laughing at my gracious nature. Perhaps I should have killed this bug and then if another one shows up I would know it wasn’t the same billbug but I have a problem killing animals. I have no problem eating already killed animals. In fact, I have no problem with veal. My thinking is, if I can eat the mommy, I can eat the baby too. The billbug is so ugly, I hate to think there is a swarm of them living in my wall. Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

1 thought on “IS IT THE SAME BUG?

  1. CGHill

    Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, some months after introducing the Tennessee Bird Walk, brought in something called the Cockroach Stomp (sample lyrics: “Cream your partner with your Florsheims / Tromp that mother three or four times”), which instructs: “They’d stomp us if they had the chance.”

    I conduct my affairs accordingly.

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