Conscious Eating

I found this article on Martha’s Web site: (I edited out the crap)

The key to dieting to lose weight is conscious eating says Brent Ridge, M.D., of the department of Geriatrics and Adult Development at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Brent Ridge, describes conscious eating as an awareness of both the foods we eat and their source. He advises that we take a moment to pause and reflect before each meal. By regularly taking three deep breaths before we eat—inhaling for a count of five, holding it, and exhaling for a count of five—we can become more present in our bodies and better able to experience our bodies’ feelings, needs, and appetites.

Another step is to engage the senses; appreciate the colors, textures, flavor, and aromas of food. Eat food slowly, savoring each bite; studies have shown that we may get more nutrients from our food when it is eaten in a calm, relaxed way. And, it’s essential to stop eating before we’re full. When we reach a point of satisfaction that measures about a seven on a scale of one to ten—when we feel pleasantly full, not stuffed—we should put the fork down.

They have a kit for sale.

Kind of a Gestalt method to eating.