Christmas Time

The Washington Crossing reenactment was great despite the downpour. Lisa and I have been going there on Christmas day for so many years. So long that I actually remember when Grace Kelly’s brother, Jack, served as Washington! That must have been the early 80’s. John came with us this time and took tons of interesting photographs. We caught up with some friends of Lisa’s and the one said, “Why is your friend taking pictures of people’s feet?”
“Yeah, does he have some sort of fetish?”
“He is an ARTIST!” I exclaimed indignantly.

The rain stopped once we got in the car to go home. Lisa and I changed out of our wet clothes and went to our parent’s house. We perfectly timed our arrival with our parent’s departure to the neighbor’s Christmas party. This meant we could all go together. It was nice seeing all our old friends. I even got to hold a baby! Do not fear, my biological clock did not start ticking. Although I think I heard my mother’s grandmother clock ticking. Loudly. Our neighbor’s mother cornered me and said, “I HATE you!”
“Why?” I asked, completely shocked.
“Because you have long legs and I always wanted to have long legs!”
“Oh, uh, thank you, I think.”

We left before they served dinner since we had our own dinner to prepare. We didn’t do anything really ethnic for Christmas dinner. We had a flank steak that was rolled with spinach and peppers, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and date bread for dessert. It was lovely. Lisa and I came home in a bit of a rush so Lisa could catch Grey’s Anatomy. I watched a couple episodes of La Femme Nikita from my new season 3 box set. Now I am ready for bed. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Time

  1. Jason

    Yes, I know the feeling of having your mother/grandmother’s clock going full speed ahead. Litteraly just after Wendy and I were married, my Mom asked her in front of the whole family when she was going to deliver a baby….
    “Umm… welcome to the family….” I said.

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