Coming down the chimney down

The Kwanzaa pageant was lovely! The kids are so cute. Watching Lisa, I could tell she loves each and every child. I couldn’t tell them apart but she knew all their names and which ones were related. The kids kept running up to her to show off their snowflake hats that they had made. It was just the cutest thing. And then I saw the snot coming out of their noses and I started to worry about getting sick.

Later Lisa and I went shopping and I bought the coolest shirt. It looks like a shirt from the 80’s, the one where the sleeves are almost attached to the waist. It’s rather transparent so I am going to have to figure out what to wear underneath it.

I am in the process of baking cranberry bread for Joe and Judy. Once it’s out, I will mix up banana bread for Violet. If I am still feeling motivated, I will bake lemon poppy seed bread for us. John is coming over and it would be nice to offer him something other than pickles and triscuits.

2 thoughts on “Coming down the chimney down

  1. Craig N.

    You’re turning into a a lean, mean baking machine.

    I really like each of the breads you’re making. I’m especially fond of banana breads that have sour cream as an ingredient.

    If you haven’t ever tried it before, try slathering cream cheese on banana bread or cranberry bread. Don’t think it would go as well on lemon poppy seed bread, but I’ve never tried it.

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