My accomplishments were small but at least some things got finished. I spent most of the day nibbling on cookies and surfing the web. This evening I will spend watching TV. Hopefully there will be some Christmas movie or tv show on.

I MUST buy a present for Lenka. And for dad. And Lisa. And John. Presents for Mom and Audra have been purchased. Tomorrow I could go to Rice’s Market, EXCEPT I DON’T HAVE A CAR. And Ray might be coming over to install the heat pump. He said either Tuesday or Wednesday. I wish he could have been a bit more definite.

Ann Amore, president of Rosemont College passed away last night. It was just a week ago I received a letter saying that she was taking a medical leave of absence. I only met her once or twice but she seemed like a nice woman. I feel bad and I wonder what occurred. I’m going to guess cancer.

3 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Bob Mulvihill

    It was cancer of the stomach which was diagnosed only two weeks before she died. You are right-she was a nice woman, a very nice woman.

  2. Angela Richardson 05

    Ann was very close to me and I’m still dealing with the fact that she passed away. She was just wonderful to everyone she came in contact with. Thank You for the information of what happened I was so upset I never wanted to hear.

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