Looking around

The second day of my vacation and so far I have created a second blog to house my recipes, finished the NYTimes crossword puzzle, ate leftover ziti and meatballs, drank a glass of wine and ate two pieces of chocolate. I feel somewhat caged since my car is still at Howard’s and I am not going to get it back until Thursday. That pretty much means I am stuck at home. I would really like to go Christmas shopping but that ain’t gonna happen. Not unless I hitchhike.

I went into the parlor and I gotta say, considering we had a party, there really isn’t much of a mess at all. I think the people we invited were respectful. I remember when I had the open house party, the place was a wreck afterward. Spills and garbage EVERYWHERE! It was horrible. The only thing I need to do is run the vacuum and wipe down the coffee table. Oh, and I also have to clean the fireplace but I am thinking I may light it tonight. We shall see.