Take that!

I have done it! Practically a year ago, I loaded an MT plugin that turns off comments and trackbacks on old posts. Although I had no problem installing it, I had a very bad feeling that if I ran it, donnaville would implode. That’s it. I never used it and everyday I struggled with comment and trackback spam attacks. This morning was the last straw. 105 trackbacks for old lady porn. I took a deep breath and ran the script. I rebuilt the site. All works fine. Tomorrow morning will be the true test. If I check my Inbox and it is practically empty, then I know it worked.

1 thought on “Take that!

  1. CGHill

    The first run always takes a while; afterwards, it’s pretty speedy. I have killed all comments and TBs on items older than seven days, and I get maybe two spams a week.

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