Lisa’s plane finally arrived. She sat in Philly for hours and hours. I am fighting the urge to sleep. After work I rented Rules of Attraction from the hotel’s interactive menu. It reminded me ever so slightly of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson DF masterpiece, Lover Come Back. The main difference was Lover Come Back was fun and interesting. I love DF movies. Of course I also recognize that they have screwed up my life with their bent logic. Act like a bitch and men will beat down the door. Stay virginal, men prefer chaste women. Have a successful career, men aren’t intimidated. Yes, I aspired to be Doris Day in all her hard to get, virginal, successful advertising exec/interior designer glory and all it got me was a big fat nothing. So what does DF stand for? Delayed F***. Little did I know, I was the one who would find herself f***ed.
Goodness, where did that come from? I guess I am just a little depressed by what the next few days hold. If you don’t get it, you will shortly.

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  1. Jason

    Don’t despair, things will turn around. All this travel hurts the chances of being settled and meeting somebody nice. I know I would be happy to meet a nice, witty, intellegent and beautiful woman. Unfortunately I live in California and if you don’t make millions, look like a model or own 10 homes, you don’t rate very high. Again, be yourself and be happy and people who are looking for that will see it. Take it easy and relax a bit…. Can you possibly see the sights or bug out of work a little early?

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