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Freitag, September 27, 2002

German Show says Saddam Have Three Doubles
BERLIN (Reuters) - A German television network said on Thursday it had made a scientific study of 450 photographs of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and concluded there are at least three doubles posing as the Iraqi president.
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German Parliament Speaks Out for Ostrich Rights
BERLIN (Reuters) - German parliamentarians stood up for the rights of ostriches on Friday, calling on the government to lay down minimum standards under which the birds should be kept before being killed for their meat.
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Blind, disabled 'should be able to fly'
THE physically and mentally disabled may no longer be barred from becoming pilots or air traffic controllers.
Eyesight and other medical tests imposed on flight crew have been found to be in breach of anti-discrimination laws.
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Human Experiments ...frightening!
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Donnerstag, September 26, 2002

Unemployed Germans Turn to TV Show to Win
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germans competing in a new television gameshow will not be bidding to win a luxury car or exotic holiday. In a country where four million people are out of work, the prize is much more sought-after: a job.
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Mittwoch, September 25, 2002

Scientist Seeks Body to Make New, Improved Human
LONDON (Reuters) - A German scientist who caused a storm of protest with an exhibition of flayed human corpses is now looking for someone he can cut up and recreate as a new improved person.
The whole process -- from the search for a donor through their death, dissection and reconstruction -- will be broadcast on British television.

"This person will be a landmark human being," said Gunther von Hagens, whose Body Worlds exhibition was slammed by critics as a sick freak show when it opened in London in March.
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Montag, September 23, 2002

The Virtual Elvis
I LOVE this!!!!!
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No Sex Please, We're Soldiers
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germans mulling joining the army may think twice now thanks to a new regulation banning soldiers from having sex while in active service.
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Sonntag, September 22, 2002

Schroeder's Party Wins in Germany
BERLIN (AP) - Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats won Germany's closest postwar election Sunday, after a campaign that preyed on fears of a war with Iraq and unleashed anti-American rhetoric.

I wanted Edmund Stoiber to win
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Yesterday afternoon was the date with Don. I thought it went well until the very end when I said, "Well Don, it was very nice meeting you!" Don replied, "Yeah, goodbye," and he turned and walked away!?! No "It was great meeting you and I will call you." No "This was a lot of fun, we should do it again." At least the other bastards had the decency to lie and tell me they enjoyed the date and planned to call. Regardless, I am happy it is over. Don was the last date. I refuse to put myself out there like that ever again.

1. Clean Roon
2. Clean Office
3. Go Out
4. Put postage on Silke's letter and post.
5. Walk Lily
6. Pass time
7. Refuse to dwell on stupid Don
8. Live vicariously through an Audrey Hepburn or Doris Day movie.
9. Stop listening to Nick Cave and Hank Williams CDs.
10. Bake something.
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Donnerstag, September 19, 2002

U.S. Slams German Minister for Bush-Hitler Comment
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush's spokesman on Thursday expressed outrage that Germany's justice minister drew a link between Bush's saber-rattling on Iraq to the tactics used by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Spokesman Ari Fleischer said the United States and Germany have long had a strong relationship, "but this statement by the justice minister is outrageous and is inexplicable."

The regional Schwaebisches Tagblatt newspaper quoted German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's justice minister, Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, as saying "Bush wants to divert attention from his domestic problems. It's a classic tactic. It's one that Hitler used."

The Bush administration has been none too pleased that criticizing the United States over Iraq has been a key campaign plank for Schroeder in his re-election battle but has refrained from publicly commenting on the issue.
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Mittwoch, September 18, 2002

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Dienstag, September 17, 2002

Lisa and I went to a bar this evening. Lisa talked about her students as we drank Yuengling Lagers from tap. The bartender came over to me once I finished my beer and told me that the fellow across the bar wanted to buy me a drink. I looked across to see who this generous person could be-- he was a little boy with a backwards baseball cap. I told the bartender that I didn't want a drink but tell him 'thanks, anyway.' Although I had already had my one beer and I certainly didn't want another nor did I want this little boy to spend his whole allowance on me, guilt consumed me! After we paid I walked the long way around the bar so I would pass him and his little buddy. I put my hand on his back and he whipped around. "Thanks for the drink offer," I said, "I had to decline because you are about 10 years too young... I am quite a bit older than you." I turned and walked away and I could hear him calling out, "How old are you?" But I ignored it and kept walking.
I think I did the right thing.
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Oktoberfest Bans Garish World Trade Center Mural
MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - The German city of Munich has told a fairground operator to take down a mural of New York's World Trade Center in flames decorating his horror ride before the city's beer festival opens Saturday.
The painting on the front wall of the "House of Horrors" ride depicts both towers billowing black smoke, echoing the hijacked-plane attacks of September 11 last year.
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Montag, September 16, 2002

Lisa and I saw Serving Sara last night. It was terrible. Save your money and stay away from it. There was a scene in which Mathew Perry's character inpersonates a vet and has to stick his arm up a bull's derričre. Upon seeing this, I immediately thought: Didn't I see that in an episode of All Creatures Great and Small? Isn't that an odd memory to unearth?
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Samstag, September 14, 2002

I want everyone to know that this evening, before dinner, my mother went to the door. "Donna!" she screamed.
"Huh?" I said, somewhat confused.
"Oh, sorry honey, I meant to call the cat," she turned back to the door-- "Cocoa! Cocoa!"
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I had a date this afternoon but he cancelled last minute. At least he had the decency to call, right? I really shouldn't feel as disapointed as I do. The other night I said to Audra that I was feeling rather split- I was looking forward to going out with Don, but I wasn't looking forward to waiting for the follow-up phone call, wondering why I hadn't heard from him, wondering if I did something wrong, trying to figure out what I did to repel him, etc... So, him cancelling out is probably a good thing. I guess the truth is I just really liked the possibility of dating a man whose name is Don. When I was younger I wanted to marry a man whose last name was Donnelly. That would then make me Donna Lee Donnelly. Later, as my German obsession bloomed I wanted to marry a German man with the last name Wetter. That would make me Donna Wetter which sounds like Donnerwetter, which is a dirty curse in German. Himmeldonnerwetter! Well, I thought it was cool. At any rate, I am sure Don really did have a surprise family reunion and I am sure he will call me back to re-schedule. I just won't hold my breath.
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Freitag, September 13, 2002

Italia Donna, arte, storia, tradizioni e istituzioni per le donne italiane
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Donnerstag, September 12, 2002

Last night Lisa and I watched Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. If you haven't seen this movie- Go rent it! Better yet, go buy it so you can watch it over and over. I think it appeals to both men and women. Women love it because it shows the collective female fantasy of marrying up. (It's just a fairy tale, men NEVER marry down) Men love the movie because it has lots of naked boobies and Dom DeLuise.
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Mittwoch, September 11, 2002

The DONNAŽ Ovulation Tester is actually a Mini Microscope that is so simple to use, and allows a woman to examine her own saliva samples in order to determine her ACTUAL times of Ovulation - Know 1-3 days BEFORE you Ovulate!

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Ex-Astronaut Accused of Punching Man
BEVERLY HILLS (Reuters) - A man who publicly confronted astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin over whether he actually went to the Moon said on Tuesday that the Apollo 11 hero almost sent him into space with a punch to the jaw.
Bart Sibrel, an independent filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee, said he was trying to conduct an ambush interview with Aldrin outside a hotel in Beverly Hills on Monday when the astronaut punched him and ran away.

Once on an airplane, I sat next to a man who (said he) worked for NASA. I asked him if it was just a hoax, the whole landing on the moon thing and he said, "No, it is true, we did land on the moon." Of course, if he knew, would he tell a stranger on a plane? The man was very friendly and told me that he had studied plane safety and found that instead of flotation devices, airplanes should be equipped with ejector seats. I told him I would feel safer if they were equipped with parachutes.
/Gosh, I just realized this is not the most considerate topic for today. Sorry if I offended anyone./

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Mieux decided to carve a lovely design into my chest last night. Apparently she is not de-clawed. I will not be picking her up again in the future.
Considering the programming that will be on tonight, it is hard to believe last night I watched a show centered entirely around Booties. Yes, VH-1's Booty Call was my show of choice. Don't roll your eyes, it was very educational!
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Dienstag, September 10, 2002

Ananova - Pilgrims flock to 'divine potato'
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Blood Banks Threw Away More Than 200,000 Units in Weeks After Sept. 11 - from Tampa Bay Online
Where do they throw it? Yuck!
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Montag, September 09, 2002

Mieux the cat is warming up to me. This evening she rubbed up against my leg and she let me pet her! We are making progress!
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Google Search: nina hagen
How is it that by searching for Nina Hagen pictures my little puppy Lily comes up in the search results????!!!
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Sonntag, September 08, 2002

For the next 2 weeks I will be housesitting for a friend of the family. I am kind of looking forward to it. You see, I housesat about 6 or maybe 7 years ago for my old friend Christine's family. Her Mom and Dad went on vacation and they wanted someone to keep their dog company and feed the cats. It was nice being on my own and being able to watch whatever I wanted to on TV. I spent most of my time surfing the Web on my old 486 laptop with the 28.8 modem and monochrome screen. I remember one evening Audra's friend Chris called to talk. I told him I was housesitting and I asked him, "So, what are you up to?" He replied, "I am playing with my Newton." Chris always struck me as such a nice guy and this just really freaked me out. I stammered and sputtered and found a reason to get off the phone. It was only later that I found out a Newton was the precursor to the PDAs of today... silly me!
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Samstag, September 07, 2002

This evening I was watching, The End of the World in Our Usual Bed in a Night Full of Rain and I noticed that Giancarlo Giannini and Udo Kier bear a striking resemblance to each other.
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I didn't mention that "Carlton" finally emailed me 2 weeks after our date. In the email, he casually mentions that he burned the CD he promised and it only needs a receivers address for the envelope. Ouch! I guess he doesn't plan on getting together again, huh? He also wrote, "My life is not currently in well managed state" and "I need to increase my study rate about 10 fold." I am thinking he included the last two bits just in case I didn't catch his drift. No matter, I think it is very classy of him to send me off with a lovely parting gift. The only question that I have is do I reply to his email or just leave it go? We will see, I'll figure something out.

Tomorrow is the New Jersey German Heritage Festival featuring a concert by the one and only, Heino (the albino). I soooooo want to go but Lisa is working and a German Festival is not a German Festival without my sister. In fact, this evening the Monkees are playing at the Electric Factory. I wish we could go but Lisa is bartending. Actually, I might have gone without Lisa if only I had found out earlier about Micky and Davy.
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Donnerstag, September 05, 2002

Turkish Couple Wants to Call Baby Osama Bin Laden
BERLIN (Reuters) - A Turkish couple living in Germany who want to call their child "Osama bin Laden" have been refused permission by German officials but will lobby a judge for a change of heart.
Names are only accepted for registration in Germany if they fulfil certain criteria. A name must clearly identify the child's gender and must not ridicule the child or be offensive. "Hitler" is banned as a name for that reason.
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Pitch Dark Bar Opens for Blind Dates
BERLIN (Reuters) - Diners at Berlin's newest restaurant cannot see what they are eating and have to be guided to their table by blind waiters because the bar is pitch black.
The restaurant, which opened Wednesday, aims to make guests concentrate on senses other than sight.
In the "unsicht-Bar," which means invisible in German, diners cannot choose complete dishes from the menu but can only indicate whether they would like a fish, meat or vegetarian option.
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Mittwoch, September 04, 2002

1. Expense Reports
2. Write letter to Silke
3. Call Aunt Helen.
5. Stop Procrastinating.

On another note, I think Kelly is going to win. Don't get me wrong, I like Justin (he is a hometown boy) but the judges really seemed to rally around Kelly last night. We will see. (I would like to see Kelly win, but mainly because she has wide hips)
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Dienstag, September 03, 2002

Yesterday was lovely. So many people remembered and emailed me- it was such a surprise and I was really touched! My mom made halubkis for dinner (they are Slovak) and for dessert we had chocolate mint ice cream cake!!! After the meal, my mom gave me the Kingtinued CD and a red sweater. It was great- everything was great!

I guess the best birthday present came in the afternoon when I went to the mall. I was tired of hanging around the house and thought I would go to H&M and have a look around. At the mall, as I was walking toward H&M, I felt someone trailing me. I looked over to see a man trying to catch up.
"So you are still in the area and still single?" he said.
"Excuse me?" He seemed to know me but I didn't know him.
"So you are single and still in the area" he repeated.
"Do I know you?" Maybe I went to high school with him?
"Of course you know me, Donna. You work for #$%@."
"Oh, I am sorry, I meet so many people at work" I was really shocked he knew my name and my company but it seemed reasonable that I may have met him at a trade show or at a seminar I conducted.
"So, you are single, huh?" he said, yet again.
Suddenly, a young woman holding a toddler runs up to us and the guy says, "This is my daughter and her...Nanny."
Then without warning, the man starts to yell at me: "So you like chicks, do you? That's it, isn't it? You like CHICKS!"
I was absolutely stunned- this outburst came out of nowhere. I could only manage to say: "That is entirely unacceptable, UNACCEPTABLE!" and I darted away, walking as fast as I could to the nearest shop. Once inside, I hid behind some racks of clothes. I tried to resume shopping but I couldn't. I was completely and utterly stunned by the situation that just unfolded. It really didn't make any sense. I guess he was flirting in his own weird way and when I didn't react, he decided it would be great fun to humiliate me in front of the mall. Odd, isn't it?

Regardless, it was a good day.
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Montag, September 02, 2002

The time is in. I am now officially another year older.
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Yesterday I was watching Asian Variety Show which I do most Sunday mornings. They were showing musical numbers from older Indian movies- I would guess the 60's and 70's. Typically they broadcast clips from current movies. How did I know that the clips from yesterday's show were older? The quality of the film and the men's hairstyles. What really got me is that other than those 2 things NOTHING ELSE HAS CHANGED! The songs sound the same, the fashions look the same, the type of beauty of the stars is the same. I just don't get it. I need to find a Bollywood Web site that is in English.
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Sonntag, September 01, 2002

Germans love stamps
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Last night I removed my profile. Yes, I gave up. I figure it would probably be best to get out in public and circulate with real people. This way, I don't waste so much time corresponding with men who eventually never call back. Date History
1. Kevin, Efficiency Expert. Best looking of the bunch. First one to meet and the first one not to call or email me afterward. He set the standard for every date that followed.

2. Joe, Suture Packaging Engineer. 43 years old. Went out on 2 dates. The first date he brought me chocolates. The second date he told me none of his brothers or sisters were married and that his entire family has problems with affection.

3. Albert, Architect. His emails were lacking but in person I really liked him. One date and one phone call before he disappeared into the vast unknown.

4. Joe, Minor League Hockey PR Marketing something or other. Went out 2 times with him. He was an hour late for the second date. Joe might have worked out if he wasn't so short and if he didn't look like my Uncle Leo (which was just odd in that family way). I was the one who decided to cut this one short.

5. Mark, Orthopedic Surgeon. He was the only one kind enough to send me a piss off email after the date. Summary of date: I met Mark in Philly. He lives near Rittenhouse Square so he just needed to leave the apartment. I, on the other had, had to drive 45 minutes to the city and find a parking garage. We walked around and had dinner. He didn't even offer to pay for dinner. In fact he wouldn't even touch the check. Finally after a half hour of silence I said, "How much do I owe?"
"30.00. I will pay with my credit card so I can get the miles and you can give me cash"
"I only have 2 twenties"
"I don't have any tens"
"Can I just give you one twenty, then?"
"Sure, you can owe me ten."
I went to a waiter and got the change and made sure I gave him every penny. Then I had to catch a cab to the parking garage because it was dark and he said he didn't want to walk with me to my car. The cab was 8.00. The parking garage was 16.00. Mark only paid for his dinner. I felt like the biggest loser. In the piss off email he said he was going to be very busy and would not have the time to call me or go out anytime in the near future. I was relieved.

6. Tom, Pediatrician. AKA Carlton the Doorman. I loved his emails. He seemed so vibrant and interesting and funny. He was the absolute opposite on the phone and in person. Regardless, he was the one who said he would call and didn't.

There are a ton of other fellows whom I corresponded with but never met. There was Kevin who only wanted to talk about his ex-girlfriend, and Joe the Lawyer/Librarian who kept confusing me with the other women he was emailing. "So, Dana, errr, Diana, errr Donna, tell me what it is like being a flower arranger." There was George who sounded like Richard Simmons and John the radio talk show host who cut the correspondence short by moving to Kentucky.

I need a break.

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