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Donnerstag, Mai 30, 2002

Naked woman takes a ride on top of SUV
Reminds me of the movie: Teen Wolf; except they didn't take off their clothes.
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I just found this article-- I really wish I had read this back in 1998. It might have saved me 4 years of my life. MatchScene

15 signs he's wrapped around your little finger
How do you know if your guy's genuinely in love with you? What are the clues that your Cassanova is completely smitten?
Look no further: We've bringing you a dating exclusive!

  1. In the morning, he emails you to tell you he's thinking of you. In the afternoon, he calls to wish you a beautiful day. In the evening, he rushes over to see you.

  2. He wants to go shopping with you instead of watching the football game.

  3. He plans the year's romantic vacation, weekend fun and spare moments with you.

  4. You can feel his heart racing when you hug.

  5. He cancels the night out with the boys to be with you. And you didn't even ask.

  6. Every day he does one thing out of his 1001 Romantic Things To Do book for you.

  7. He tells his mother about you.

  8. He babysits your cats and fixes things around your house… happily.

  9. He gets you a cellphone so he can always hear the sound of your voice.

  10. He wants to teach you golf so you can play and spend more time with him. And… you get to drive the golf cart whenever you want.

  11. He holds your hand and says he never wants to let you go.

  12. He emails you "I miss you" letters right after he's left you.

  13. When you've had a bad day, he'll talk with you for hours about your thoughts and solutions to money dilemmas, car problems and the jerks at the office.

  14. He's your White Knight who puts his coat around you to keep you warm, who brings you soup and a video when you're sick, who will rescue you from trouble at any price and who holds you when you cry.

  15. He says, "I love you," and there are tears in his eyes.

I think this can also be titled: 15 signs the man you are dating is actually a woman.
Or : 15 signs the man you are dating will stalk you after you break-up.
Or: 15 signs you are delusional.
Or: 3 signs and 1 blog that prove Donna is cynical beyond measure.
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Mittwoch, Mai 29, 2002

My laptop came home yesterday... it now has a new LCD screen, modem, and floppy drive. Oddly, from out of the Cdrom/DVD drive came a Lil Bowow CD. No, it is not mine!!! You see I am not a rap fan, although I will on occasion listen to German rap probably because it is very uncool. (Hey Mr. Wichtig! Ich Wär So Gern So Blöd Wie Du) So where did this Lil Bowow Cd come from? I guess the technician who was working on it...if he/she was listening to music while you think they also went through my collection of Cher images??? Ooooooooo, I feel so dirty and violated!!!!! :-(
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Farting Doughboy
Am I sick? I got a kick out of this page!! :-)
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Montag, Mai 27, 2002

1. Wake up
2. Eat breakfast
3. Putz on the Internet
4. Watch Changing Rooms
5. Watch Trading Spaces
6. Cringe repeatedly while flipping back and forth between Trading Spaces and the Christopher Lowell Show.
7. Watch Pop Up Brady
8. Watch more Changing Rooms
9. Bake cake
10. Lay in bed, listening to Frank Sinatra.
11. Eat grapefruit
12. Contemplate going to Barnes and Noble and buying The Sun Also Rises.
13. Putz on the Internet instead
14. Blog
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Samstag, Mai 25, 2002

Things Other People Accomplished
When They Were Your Age

At the age of 27, Ernest Hemingway published his first novel, The Sun Also Rises.
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The Sun Also Rises
I think I am going to try to read this book. "Try" being the operative word. There was a time I was a voracious reader but something happened, namely the Internet. I just can't focus my eyes unless it is on a glowing screen. I did read the Bridget Jones books- but they were on long plane trips. I saw The Sun also Rises on AMC or TCM a couple of times....I love Ava Gardner. At least with her cast as Lady Brett, you know why all they guys are falling all over themselves. That is a peeve of mine-- in movies and tv guys fall over women who are incomplete, uninteresting blah blah. What am I saying? It happens in RL, too.
I have decided to throw my hat back into the ring and upload a profile to the online match scene. Did it a few weeks ago and came away with 3 dates. Of course I never got a call back, but I like to think it was the men and not my charming personality. :-)
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Donnerstag, Mai 23, 2002

I found some Web sites linking to!!! Perhaps I am crazy but I feel absolutely effervescent knowing there are Web sites linking to me! (It is a similar feeling as to when Nationwide Ins Co. gave me a $50.00 gift certificate to the Bon Ton)

Here are the Web sites:

Adventures Into the Well-Known
smitherz :: This one just has a link on entry Saturday, 18 May 2002, 11:00 am
What amazes me is that these are all top notch Web sites. (NO PORN!!!) I am impressed and happy. Thanks guys! (The gift certificate to the Bon Ton is in the mail ;-))
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Sonntag, Mai 19, 2002

HAHAHAHA! Dana and Fox are alive and TOGETHER!!! Monica and John are alive and I believe John is getting over the death of his son and so they will be TOGETHER too!!! No one died! The truth is intact!! THANK YOU CHRIS CARTER!!! After the death of the Lone Gunmen, I didn't trust him. If he could kill off my favorite guys, then he could kill off anyone and I will admit the series finale scared me. I could just imagine everyone dying ( A la Forever Knight's last ep). Of course I am still in denial and I stayed glued to the sofa waiting, hoping, and praying for next week's coming attractions- but of course it was just the coming attractions to Ally McBeal. Oh, it't not so bad, perhaps there will be a movie. The X-Files will continue.

There was a commercial for a new series called: John Doe. It looked interesting, maybe it will fill my need for Sunday night stomach churning entertainment.
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Freitag, Mai 17, 2002

Lyrics to Marlene Dietrich Songs
My Marlene Dietrich impression is getting better!!!!! Now I can memorize the second verse to Falling in Love Again auf deutsch! The Lily puppy likes it when I sing it to her on our nightly walks.
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I keep thinking about Attack of the Clones. There is a good movie hiding somewhere in this latest installment!!! I am sure of it!

If I were in charge, I would have made the romance between Anakin and Amidala more like the Tommy James and the Shondell song, "I Think We’re Alone Now." Additionally, I'd cast a dwarf in the role of Yoda because all great movies have a dwarf. Costume-wise, there were simply not enough cod pieces represented; I'd change that for sure! And instead of those creepy dinosaur-like creatures in the Ben Hur scene-- why not digitally insert George the Animal Steele or Andre the Giant? Now that would be a fight I'd pay to see! I'm also thinking a musical number, something like Dead Ringer for Love by Meat Loaf. Or maybe a dream sequence with mimes. :-)

It's not too late, George. You obviously need someone to collaborate with you on the final episode...I have tons of great ideas! CALL ME!!!
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Donnerstag, Mai 16, 2002

Anyone who is thinking about seeing the newest installment of Star Wars: SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Lisa and I just got back and I can honestly say that this movie is right down there with Ready to Wear, Even Cowgirls get the Blues, Son of Pink Panther, and Excess Baggage. Obi Wan Kenobi's sex appeal cannot save this movie!!! Although let me tell you the beard was a definite improvement, I could finally see what Audra and Lisa have been drooling about for all these years. Anakin Skywalker actually grew on me as the movie progressed. I think he started to stand straighter, I hate slouchers. There was one part where little Yoda kicked some evil Jedi ass and it was great, the one part where everyone cheered and the girl next to me actually stopped snoring and woke up! (honest!) I think if you were to ask Yoda what he thought of this film he would say: Hmmmm, very bad this movie was! :-) At one point during the Ben Hur fight scene which actually reminded me more of Jason and the Argonauts, Lisa leaned over and whispered, "I feel so bad for the Jedis....they have such stupid hair cuts." I sadly shook my head in agreement.
Audra and I spoke earlier this afternoon and she had seen Suck Wars last night at a midnight show and she loved it. Although, I am quite sure it wasn't above the Pirate Movie or the Worst Witch in her book, right Audra? :-)
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I just remembered my dream last night. I was Wonder Woman....again ( I don't know why) and I was married to Woody Allen. He kept whining and whining and I couldn't remember why I married him. Suddenly my favorite professor from Rosemont appeared and I was so happy that she could see me in my costume. "I really have come far since college," I thought as I twirled my golden lasso of truth.

Too much TV as a child must be to blame.
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Merriam-Webster OnLine Look up shit and listen to the second pronunciation! Priceless! :-)
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Yesterday I did something very very stupid and although I was able to restore an old backup, I LOST 11 MONTHS OF EMAIL!!! That includes my address book!!! Anyone who has written me, please write me again or just send me your email address!!! (Girl from Montreal- I want to write you back, I just lost your previous emails and your address).

It was odd looking at email dated June 2001 in my inbox and draft folder. My life has changed considerably since then. I was still traveling to Baltimore every week and desperately in love with Heiko. I rarely travel, now. I work in my office most of the time and fail miserably at the dating game. Regardless, I feel I am in a better position today.

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Mittwoch, Mai 15, 2002

historyforkids This is some cool stuff! WOTAN!!!
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Freitag, Mai 10, 2002

Channel 4's Gay-O-Meter
I am 26% gay!
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I love it! :-)
07 May, Tue, 00:49:18 Yahoo: personal webpage sex
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08 May, Wed, 10:14:25 Google: trading spaces dies
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08 May, Wed, 19:19:16 Google: donnacam
08 May, Wed, 20:59:29 Google: "you'll be amused by its presumption"
09 May, Thu, 04:33:47 Yahoo: donna homepage
09 May, Thu, 15:57:19 Yahoo: how to be taller in germany
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10 May, Fri, 01:22:36 Yahoo: webcams personal
10 May, Fri, 09:30:29 Yahoo: "run lola run" .wav2
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Yeah, but it is on my slow laptop so it was pretty easy getting that score. On my faster laptop I am somewhere in the 700s.
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Donnerstag, Mai 09, 2002

Todd- 1368 :-)))))))))))))))
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Mittwoch, Mai 08, 2002

HAHAHAHa!!! 950!!!! But, I changed computers- it is odd but this other computer has the landscape moving much slower and the little helipcopter doesn't accelerate as much the first laptop. I guess it is the processor speed.
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What is your secret????? I am struggling just to maintain 603???
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Fly The Copter -- make that 570!
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Fly The Copter - South Coast Diaries - Seethru Zine My high score is 456-- can you beat it???
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Excite - News Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany Had Plan to Take New York
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Dienstag, Mai 07, 2002

Excite - News Count Dracula Stirs Row with His 'Kingdom' in Germany
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The more I think of was not Wesley who killed Agent Doggett's son. It was definitely the weird-looking evil man who sat at the bar. Wesley was just upset about Buttercup...errr no, he couldn't live with his corrupt self knowing that he supported and aided this disgusting man who killed little Luke and so in a fit of rage he ran to the bar and killed him. So, does anyone agree? :-)

If not, does anyone agree that Assistant Director/ Wesley has the world's worst American accent? Does anyone else agree that Wesley is interchangeable with Billy Zane? And had Julian Sands made better career moves, he could be added to the list?
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Montag, Mai 06, 2002

May 06, 1527, German troops began sacking Rome, bringing about the end of the Renaissance.
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Strange cargo found in forest It was me.... I did it! :-)
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AudgieAch Mein Gott! Audgie signed my comments!!!!!! :-) Wow!
Yes, it is true. Lisa and I also had the Winking Cowboy a.k.a. Lazy Eye Barbie. Once the eye started to droop, Lisa and I did something rather odd....I guess we were orally fixated, what other excuse is there? You see, we chewed on her eyelid until it tore off. Not at the same time, mind you. We took turns chewing. :-) Sadly, if you thought a lazy eye Barbie was weird looking, you should have seen her missing the lid- very macabre.
I hate days like this. I worked hard, did not goof off at all yet I cannot for the life of me figure out exactly what I accomplished.
Hey, did anyone see the X-Files last night? Were they inplying that the Assistant Director Wesley killed Doggett's son? I was a bit confused. Next week's episode looks so cool, though. I can hardly wait!
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Freitag, Mai 03, 2002

> Steven Spielberg was discussing his new project - an
> action docudrama about famous composers starring top
> movie stars. Sylvester Stallone, Steven Segall, Bruce
> Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were all present.
> Spielberg strongly desired the box office 'oomph' of
> these superstars, so he was prepared to allow them to
> select whatever composers they wished to portray, as
> long as they were famous.
> "Well," started Stallone, "I've always admired Mozart.
> I would love to play him."
> "Chopin has always been my favorite, and my image
> would improve if people saw me playing the piano,"
> replied Willis. "I'll play him."
> "I've always been partial to Strauss and his waltzes,"
> said Segall. "I'd like to play him."
> Spielberg was very pleased with these choices. "Sounds
> splendid." Then, turning to Schwarzenegger, he asked,
> "Who do you want to be, Arnold?" Arnold in a slow
> deliberate voice replied, "I'll be Bach."
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Donnerstag, Mai 02, 2002

:: Conversations with Germans! @#$%^&%#$ :: I posted a new page, check it out!
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