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August 31, 2003

CVS Life to the Fullest

This morning I hung out at CVS. Why? Well, I was there last week and I saw a nice looking man who seemed to like me. He smiled and walked by me a few more times than was necessary. But because I was with my mother and carrying a box of O.B.s, I didn't feel particularly courageous. I just stood there and thought, why does this happen to me? So this morning, I figured I would go down to CVS and maybe I would see him again and this time I wouldn't have my mother or a box of O.B.s with me and I might be able to manage a smile and a "Hi, weren't you here last Sunday?" Apparently I was the only one with the thought because he wasn't anywhere at the CVS. Oh, well. It was an act of desperation but at least I am proactive. When I am lying on the floor, near death, 70 years from now, with my cats huddled around me, hungrily tearing the flesh from my brittle, lonely bones, certain that no one will find me until the bank sends the bill collector, I can look back at my life and say... at least I went to the CVS in hope that I might get another chance to flirt with that nice looking man without a wedding ring.

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August 28, 2003

An ode to Karen Carpenter

I have lost weight. It's been a long time coming. Over the winter I typically add 5 lbs to my frame and then comes summer, and it disappears. This year, the disappearing fat did not take place. Because it is only 5 lbs, I didn't worry too much about it. Then in Florida, I met up with 3 colleagues who had just lost a ton of weight. They each did it using the Atkins approach. Lisa, who is always looking for a new diet, decided this might be the one that could work for her. Wanting to be supportive, I promised her I would also change my food intake. This way, she wouldn't see me eating bread and feel as if she was missing out. So a week ago we started to cut down on our carbs. I really didn't do much other than replace my morning bowl of oatmeal with a hard boiled egg and the bagel I would have for lunch with whatever meat, egg, cheese meal I could find. I got on the scale this morning and I am 6 lbs lighter. About 5 years ago, right around the time I graduated from college, I went on the Suzanne Sommer's diet and I lost 20 lbs, (taking me to my present weight, minus 4 lbs). I remember at the time, my mother and Lisa were terribly worried about me. "You look anorexic and sickly" they said. I wasn't anorexic; I was just separating my carbs and proteins in the Suzanne Sommer's tradition. Well, it was at this point of my weight loss that something peculiar happened. Men started hitting on me. I would walk down the street and guys would stop and say "Hi," and flirt. It was surreal and nothing like I had ever experienced in my life. Monitoring my appearance in the mirror, I started to agree with Mom and Lisa. I was too thin. So I started eating a little more and I gained a little weight. As soon as the weight went on and I began looking healthy, the men stopped blatantly hitting on me. It was right then I developed a theory. You see, having observed 100s of couples, I noticed that most men have what appears to be an innate need to pick their girlfriend up and spin her around. Because I stand 6 feet in height, the liklihood of a man being able to pick me up and spin me around (without my feet dragging on the ground) is not very good. This immediately nixes me as a potential mate. Now, when I was emaciated, the ability to pick me up and spin me around became greater. No longer fearing I might break their back, I became mate material. If my weight loss continues, I may start looking sickly again. I can't help but wonder if my theory will hold true. I expect to have a date or two next week from the eHarmony matches. I'll let you know if one of them spontaneously picks me up and spins me around. We shall see!

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Blog Moxie Helped

Just wanted to make it public and say that Kathy from BlogMoxie installed Movable Type and did a great job! If you are interested in going the Movable Type route and don't have the experience to install it yourself, give BlogMoxie a try-- I recommend them!

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August 27, 2003

Movable Type Oh MY!

Wow! So this is Movable Type. I feel like I have moved up another level in blogdom. At the moment I have no idea what to make of half of this stuff. Bear with me as I try to get this figured out.

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Ok Don't Panic

Donnaville Version 1.0 is still here.. just go on over to here to read past archives.

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