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Mittwoch, Juli 30, 2003

I now have in my possession the first season DVD Box set of THE MONKEES!!!!!
Lisa & I stayed up late last night watching their Kellogg's Rice Krispy commercials and the pilot episode in which Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart sang the songs. Sitting there, I was transported back to that Spring day in 1986 when MTV reran the Monkees episodes back to back for 24 hours. I remember I had just finished watching an episode of Tales from the Darkside that I taped on my Betamax player. As the tape reround, I clicked through the TV channels landing on MTV. The vision of DAVY JONES filled the screen and I was instantly smitten. At that moment, I ran into my father's office, locked the door and tuned his tiny little Sony TV set to MTV and that is where I stayed, all night long. About midway through the marathon, once I was able to keep the fellows straight (Mike wears the green hat, Peter is the dumb one, Davy is dreamy and Micky is silly) I made the decision that although Davy was my favorite, our relationship would never work out mainly because he is 5 foot 3 and at 12 years old, I was very nearly 6 feet in height. My new love would be Micky Dolenz-- someone I could look in the eye! Strangely, the thought that these men had grown up and on never once entered my pre-teen mind. Obviously I was a practical girl, just not very realistic. For the next couple years my life revolved around taping every episode and watching it 100 times. I owned every record or cassette tape I could get my hands on and at night as I laid in bed, I dreamt that Micky would come into my bedroom, stand at the foot of my bed and sing "I'm a Believer" just for ME! I don't know at what point but eventually my love of the Monkees diffused. I still loved them, of course, but the passion wasn't there anymore. Then a few years ago, when I turned 26, I realized I was now older than the Monkees were in their heyday. I felt so old. What happened to me? The Monkees were no longer in my life and I missed them. Soon after, they seeped back into my heart and their songs once again became the soundtrack of my life. My love of the Monkees was reborn... just without the overt fanaticism.
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Sonntag, Juli 27, 2003

It is getting close to vacation time! I can hardly wait!!!! In the meantime, work, work, work. So, what's new? Yesterday, I caught a new episode of Coupling. Shopped at Kohl's and bought half the merchandise; I can't resist a bargain. Today, I walked down town and treated myself to an Italian Water Ice (yummy). I also hung up some of the clothes littering my bedroom floor and worked on a new design for donnaville. (You won't see it for a couple of weeks).
The other night I had a strange dream. Captain Nemo and Punjab from Annie were flying over my house in an old fashion hot air balloon. Punjab jumped out of the basket holding a trapeze. He swung back and forth, twirling and flipping underneath the hot air balloon while Captain Nemo steered. I stood there watching the acrobatics, marveling that this wonderful show was taking place in the air above my house.

BTW, I am not alone in my eHarmony frustration.
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Mittwoch, Juli 23, 2003

Off to Chicago for a last minute meeting. It will be nice to escape for a little while. I'll be back Friday, just in time for the weekend!
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Montag, Juli 21, 2003

I was wrong. Mr. Freakish built wrote me... a piss off email:

While I think that you are a great person and have alot to offer, I didn't feel a "click". So, I'm glad we met, but I think we are both going to have to continue the match search...
Best of luck!

Wow. I am alternately, hurt, surprised, happy and relieved. Of course, I didn't feel a "click" but I would have gone out with him again had he asked. It is a good thing that he had the balls to write, very few men do. And at least he didn't lead me on. It is for the best, there really wasn't anything there... but why do I feel so terrible? Maybe it's not him but the 100.00 eHarmony fee.
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Sonntag, Juli 20, 2003

Do you know of any nice, quiet, seaside towns located in Florida? Preferably somewhere between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but not necessarily. Lisa and I are looking to vacation in Florida but not really interested in a loud and crowded city like Miami. Any ideas, write me: helloATdonnavilleDOTcom or leave a comment.
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Samstag, Juli 19, 2003

Thursday I had a date with my sole eHarmony match. We met in Princeton at the Starbucks on Nassau street. He seemed like a nice man and our conversation was pleasant. The only issue that I had with him was his strangely ill-proportioned body. You see, he was a very big man with a huge torso. His legs; however, were unusually short and very, very fat. Regardless, I felt comfortable in his presence although I am not sure there was much chemistry between us. In an earlier entry, I mentioned that in the pictures he attached to his eHarmony profile, I thought he resembled H. Upon meeting him, the resemblance was absent. Maybe the resemblence was just wishful thinking on my part? At any rate, he has not emailed or called since the date and I doubt very highly that I will ever hear from him again thus following in the footsteps of every other date I have ever been on. When I joined eHarmony, I said as long as I get one date, the 100.00 fee will have been worth it. I don't know if I still feel that way, but at least I did get something as opposed to nothing.
BTW I acted very nice and never once turned belligerent, thank you very much.
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Dienstag, Juli 15, 2003 > Primetime Preview > Coupling This is so pathetic! It is a word for word remake. Why not just air the British episodes?
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Samstag, Juli 12, 2003

You HAVE to WATCH this! MilkandCookies - Dancing Dog
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I actually went out and had some fun last night. Lisa and I went out to eat. We left a little too late and the restaurant was packed. There was immediate room at the bar and we grabbed a seat. After we ordered, a man and his son walked over to the empty stools right near ours. The man said to his 7-year-old son, "Here son, I'll let you sit next to the pretty girl, maybe you'll get lucky." I ignored the weird ass remark but couldn't help turning to look at them. The kid stumbled back and I could tell he was embarassed. Ole Daddy then said, "Okay, I'll sit next to the pretty girl, heh heh heh." Then it got weird. The father pointed out and described the different beers to his son. "Ya see that, that's Bud Lite, only pussies drink Bud Lite." The kid said, "Can I have beer, Dad?" The father replied, "Not here, son." Little later I heard the dad say, "Well, tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, maybe I'll take you to the Yuengling Brewery-- supposedly they will let you drink all the beer you want if you pay for a tour." Lisa and I left distressed and disturbed.
No longer hungry, we went into Philly to see Jet Lag at the Ritz Five. It's a French Film with Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche. The reviews I read raved about it, but neither Lisa nor I thought it was particularly special. As much as I love to see foreign films, I hate the audience. There is always a group of people who feel the need to demonstrate their grasp of "culture" by laughing a little too loud and a little too long at mildly amusing situations within the movie. The laughs are forced and desperate. HO HO HA HA I GET IT! SEE, I AM SMART AND WORDLY, THIS IS HYSTERICAL HA HA HA! Pisses me off ...but not nearly as much as a father training his son to be an alcoholic and womanizer.
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I want one!!!
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Dienstag, Juli 08, 2003

New gallery added to the Picture Pages :: June & July 2003
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Sonntag, Juli 06, 2003

Talk about biological clock ticking! Went to a Christening today and saw tons of kids-- made me think how nice it would be to reproduce and mother day. All things in due course.

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Samstag, Juli 05, 2003

Having spent the last few weekends cleaning out my Grandparent's house, I've come to the conclusion that my pack rat complex runs in the family. Heck, it gallops! Going through boxes of my grandmother's junk, I realized I have to start cleaning out my stuff. Yesterday, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to go through my "scrapbox collection" which consisted of 4 huge boxes that sit in the corner of my bedroom taking up way too much space. These boxes are filled with newspaper clippings, pictures, magazines, and other such memorabilia that I collected throughout the 1980's and early 90's. I have attempted cleaning these boxes many times but yesterday I actually accomplished something-- not much, mind you, but something. There are now only 3 boxes remaining.

List of some interesting items I retained:

  1. Shoe box full of obituaries. Earliest obituary is Ricky Nelson. Latest was Joanne Van Fleet.

  2. Manilla envelope filled with dreamy pinup pictures of Johnny Depp.

  3. A 1929 Photoplay magazine I had discovered years ago at my Grandmother's house and promptly forgot

  4. 1976 newspaper with the headline: ELVIS DEAD

  5. A spiral bound notebook in which I handwrote the lyrics to Tip Toe Through the Tulips, Mellow Yellow, etc in big bubbly handwriting.

  6. 2 years worth of Nigel Bennett fan club newsletters.
List of some items I junked:
  1. A clothing tag from a pair of Mikhail Baryshnikov exercise clothes

  2. 10 High School play programs from the early 1980s. Bye Bye Birdie, Pippin, Annie Get Your Gun, etc...

  3. A traced rendering of the Monkees tastefully done by some unknown middle school friend

  4. High school love notes received in American History class from a boy who is now gay

  5. 1986 concert schedule for Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers... or on the other side, a smiley face done in crayons

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Freitag, Juli 04, 2003

Happy 4th of July!!!
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Dienstag, Juli 01, 2003

I just remembered my dream from last night. There was something wrong with my stomach and so I lifted my shirt and started to press on my navel. A dark substance seeped from my bellybutton. Once out, it was round and surprisingly heavy. It seemed like a tumor or a minature version of the Blob. I wrapped it in a tissue and placed it in my pocket.
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Last night I watched a home video of my 2nd trip to Berlin back in 1995. This is when I went with Suzette, before I met H. Watching it, I realized why I stopped making home videos: They are so boring to watch! Then I put in a tape of 1st season Forever Knight. That too bored me and so I forwarded to the flashback sequences with LaCroix (Nigel Bennett). You see, I don't have a VCR and since I am housesitting I am taking advantage of their VCR. It's hard to believe I was once a VCR junkie! I taped everything and anything. But worst of all, I couldn't make myself erase anything so I just kept buying more and more tapes. I have almost every episode of Kung Fu the Legend Continues, the Monkees, I have the movies Return to Mayberry, Ishtar, Mephisto, all the 1960's Beach Movies, Doris Day films, etc... I guess it was right around the time I graduated from college I realized I had to stop living vicariously through movies and so I stopped my incessant taping. (I continued to tape Forever Knight episodes). In fact, because I so easily get sucked into TV shows, I have purposely avoided certain series in case my obsession might kick in. This is the reason I have never seen an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Alias. Of course, one of those shows I purposely avoided, La Femme Nikita, I happened across it by chance and now I am fighting obsession. Lisa has a VCR and I have been hinting at how much I would like her to tape the weekday airing of it on Oxygen! Network. She wisely ignores my requests. Undeterred, I've considered purchasing the DVD box set but it just seems too expensive. Especially since the show was on for 5 seasons and each season is 70.00-- that's a lot of money to watch Peta Wilson shoot people and hope for a glance of Roy Dupois's ass. How do you pronouce DuPuis? Is it Dew-Pwah? or Dew-Pew-es? Along the same line, I have always wondered how to pronouce: Trintignant as in Jean-Louis Trintignant? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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