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Sonntag, März 30, 2003

Am back. Had a real nice weekend. Drank too much and I can feel the remnants of the alcohol coursing through my body. Last night I awoke at 3 with the nastiest headache ever. After downing a couple glasses of water, I fell back to sleep and dreamt of bald, naked twins; paste-y skinned and flabby, running a marathon while onlookers shot bullets at them.
So it is official-- I have been single for an entire year! One year down, 60 more to go! ;-) At the time, I had no clue what was going to happen. According to movies, a dumped woman will don a ratty bathrobe, eat tons of ice cream, and cry while her best friends gather around, assuring her all will be okay. Instead, I wept softly for about 5 minutes, took a long walk, made a list (I am an INTP) and got on with my life. Okay, I also listened to Dolly Parton sing Hard Candy Christmas a couple dozen times. And that was it. Not bad, quite easy in fact. And now a year has gone by and I find myself looking back and feeling.... good.
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Samstag, März 29, 2003

Special day. Lisa and I are taking a weekend trip--- going to have tons of fun! It's also my one year anniversary without H. One whole year of singlehood! :-)
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Donnerstag, März 27, 2003

I can't say I particularly care for Wonder Woman's new look. I do like her line: "It's hair. It will grow back" How many times have I uttered that same sentence? Tons. Of course, then I sob and comtemplate murdering the hairdresser. At any rate, I like the long black tresses-- pixie cuts only work on small, wispy girls.... Not on us big-boned gals!
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Mittwoch, März 26, 2003

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

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Dienstag, März 25, 2003

On the phone with a girl I once managed, she asked, "Donna, do you have a cold?"
"No, why do you ask?"
"Your voice sounds deeper than normal."
"It's the testoterone," I joked.
But the truth is I have been overdosing on La Femme Nikita reruns and I think Peta Wilson's baritone is beginning to rub off on me!
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Sonntag, März 23, 2003

Friday and Saturday I spent at my grandmother's house. Not with my grandmother, mind you-- just at her house. My grandmother has been dead for 4 years and we are just now starting to clean out the house. Why has it taken us this long? My mother has finally decided to sell it to a cousin. So she and I went to the house and started to clean it out. Luckily, my grandmother realized she was dying and she cleaned quite a bit out for us. Also, she wrote us notes that she wrapped around items so we would know their relevance and history.
Also.... I held a baby yesterday!!!! This is not a common occasion. I think I may have held a total of 2 or 3 babies my entire life. I just really haven't been subjected to them in any great numbers. It is nice when it does occur. My little biological clock goes lubba dub, lubba dub. It is probably best to stay away from the little ones. Don't want the biological clock to speed up any.

Why is it so difficult to find a storage container for my software CDs?
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Samstag, März 22, 2003

My Bloginality is INTJ!!!
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Mittwoch, März 19, 2003

I want a new pair of glasses.... and these are what I want! I can't imagine that they still make them, though. (second to last picture in the gallery)
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Samstag, März 15, 2003

Lisa and I went out to eat yesterday. Nothing fancy, we just went to a sports bar. We sat at the bar, drank beer, shared a buffalo chicken sandwich and halfheartedly played the NTN Trivia game. As we ate, I noticed Lisa become distracted. Finally she said, "Donna, turn around and look by the door-- Isn't that guy Hank, you know, the boy you stalked in Junior High?" I turned around and sure enough, it was HANK! He really hasn't changed much other than filling out a bit; 15 years will typically do that to a person. I toyed with the idea of approaching him but I didn't. Could you imagine... "Uh, hi, I'm Donna, and we went to school together, in fact I sent you odd notes in 10th grade and uh, I ripped the door off your locker." It seemed best to let the past remain in the past. Knowing I would probably not see him again, I indulged my old obsession and kept an eye on him until he exited the bar a few minutes later. I will admit that my attraction to him has not diminished. It is a shame that back in Junior High I didn't know how to sanely express my feelings for him. I think I am still learning...
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Donnerstag, März 13, 2003

I feel so empty. All I do is work. Nothing much happens. At least nothing to report. Last night I watched the TVLand Awards and I was absolutely giddy seeing Davy Jones and David Cassidy announcing nominees and collecting awards. Similarly, just the other evening I went to Tower Records and bought the Monkees Music Box box set. (I could hardly believe it contained songs I had never heard before!) This evening after I stopped working, I watched La Femme Nikita on Oxygen and I saw Michael's (Roy Dupuis) bare ass. Very exciting. That is the nice thing about having been raised in a strict, traditional household.... just the silliest little things are dirty. I didn't make dinner tonight-- I ordered hoagies. That is submarines or heros for those of you living in places other than Philadelphia. See, nothing to report.
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Samstag, März 08, 2003

An Elvis Stylist signed my Guestbook!!!! Yes, I admit it; I am an absolute Elvis (and Elvis impersonator) junkie. I can never get my fill. Unfortunately, I haven't seen an Elvis stylist show in quite awhile. Robin Kelly seems to only perform in Canada. I wonder if he sings: I've Got a Thing ABOOT You Baby or RoustABOOT or ANYWHO Lotta Shakin' Goin' On! (Just teasing Robin!) I remember when I was in college, the postman was also a huge Elvis fan. He wore a great big black pompadour and the mailroom was wallpapered in Elvis posters. After class, every now and then, I would talk to him about Elvis movies and music. One day he said to me, "You know Donna, Elvis liked small, petite girls. And even though he married Priscilla, he preferred blondes. You are tall and dark." I was rather shocked by this comment. Why is Roy telling me that Elvis wouldn't find me attractive? Then it hit me and so I said, "Oh, Roy-- I don't want to DO Elvis, I want to BE Elvis." Roy seemed rather unsettled by this remark and he turned and started putting mail away. "I wonder if I said something wrong?" I thought as I headed back to my dorm.
I saw Roy at a Rick Springfield concert just a few years ago. A red handkerchief stuck out from the back pocket of his dungarees and a pack of cigarettes were rolled up in the sleeve of his white T-shirt. The black pompadour was still intact. I like to think that he has visions of me, tall and dark, performing in a white jumpsuit.
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Mittwoch, März 05, 2003

All I want to do is eat chocolate. CHOCOLATE. Cadbury creme eggs. Peppermint Patties. Rittersport. Milka. Hershey. I want it all. NOW.
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Dienstag, März 04, 2003

Yahoo! News - 'Magnificent Seven' Star Horst Buchholz Dead
Horst Buchholz is Dead!!!
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Samstag, März 01, 2003

I never imagined I would want a tattoo, but the other day I realized if I ever wanted to be marked forever I knew exactly what I would have done.... I would get an Xavier Roberts signature on my ass cheek.
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