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Donnerstag, Februar 27, 2003

Newest Japanese Fad I want one!
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Host of TVís ĎMister Rogersí dies at 74 Mister Rogers is DEAD!!! Sad day in the neighborhood, today.
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Montag, Februar 24, 2003

I have changed my email address because I am sick and tired of the huge amounts of spam I get every single second of the day. If you want to email me, try HELLO at DONNAVILLE dot COM.
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Sonntag, Februar 23, 2003

I can confidently say that Spring is on the way. Why? Because I ate my first Peep of the new year! Okay, okay, I ate my first 2 boxes of Peeps. Bright blue baby chicks. They weren't stale which is how I prefer them, but that is okay. I went shopping today. Looking for a suit. I don't know why I bother, all the suits out there are either dowdy or matronly. I'll find something eventually, I hope.
I miss the X-Files. It gave me a reason to look forward to Sunday night. Tuesday is Smallville and Mr Christopher Reeve will be guest starring, which is pretty exciting.

I am such a nerd.
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Samstag, Februar 22, 2003

Instead of staying home and watching TV, I decided to go to the Multiplex and see How to Lose a Man in 10 Days. I made sure to get there early but it wasn't early enough-- it was sold out by the time I arrived at the ticket window. Initially I was disappointed but then I realized how unnecessary it is for me to see a move called How to Lose a Man in 10 Days since I can lose one in 10 minutes. Rather than watch another movie I had even less interest in, I went to TJMaxx and shopped. Feeling completely indifferent towards shopping, I went back to my car and toyed with the idea of visiting Lisa at the Inn. Sitting at a bar, talking to annoying people and dodging drunken come-ons didn't excite me so I went home and watched Top Secret. Now that I am back at my computer I will probably play 50 games of Bubble Bees.
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Freitag, Februar 21, 2003

Blogtrek: Bubble Bees Stategy (Scroll to the bottom of the page)
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Donnerstag, Februar 20, 2003

I finally saw Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. It was delightful and cute and sweet. Rent it!!!!
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Dienstag, Februar 18, 2003

I had a dream I met Zora and Tom Welling from Smallville. Tom grabbed Zora and me around our waists and flew straight up in the air... up to the atmosphere. We landed on a cloud and the three of us sat there like Mary Poppins, calmly talking about our hair and how much we need a vacation.
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Imagination at Work!
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Montag, Februar 17, 2003

Zora won. I could say that I watched only because I thought they might show the bar where my sister works since the Joe Millionaire crew filmed there not too long ago. But the truth is I was extremely curious to see who Joe Millionaire would choose. The Inn wasn't shown this evening although maybe next week. The local news did show a clip from the bar and I could see Lisa in the back.... hiding behind the beer taps. Why would they show the Inn? Zora is a hometown girl and that is the bar where she hangs out. We are doing so well-- Justin came in second in the American Idol competition and now Zora wins Joe Millionaire. We aren't so ho-dunk after all!
Ugh! I drank too much this evening (a combination of trying to make my parents tolerable and having to sit though 2 hours of reality TV rot). Now I have a splitting headache and I feel queasy. Damn Fox and Zima.
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Snow, snow, and more snow.
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Sonntag, Februar 16, 2003

Audra came over on Valentine's Day and together we went to the bar where Lisa works. Lisa was bartending and so we drank quite a bit for very little-- which is quite nice! Who needs a man when you have a bartender for a sister! :-) Last night I watched almost all of Gigi. It didn't bother me to turn it off early; I've seen it too many times. More snow is headed our way. Will it ever turn to Spring?
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Freitag, Februar 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Say it auf deutsch! Ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen! Du bist mein Schatz. Für dich soll's rote Rosen regnen! Kein großes Geheimnis wie sehr ich dich liebe!

1. Watch sappy romantic movies
2. Eat tons and tons of chocolate
3. Rejoice in my singlehood!
Same things I do everynight
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Donnerstag, Februar 13, 2003

I find it strange that the later I go to bed, the easier it is to wake-up in the morning. Last night I stayed up later than usual thanks to the most disturbing film, The Night Porter. I have wanted to see this movie ever since I was in High School but the local video store never carried it (I no longer wonder why!). Finally, I came across it on IFC and watched it from the very beginning. I love Dirk Bogarde. It was just odd seeing him as a sadistic SS officer. How could the man who starred in Penny Princess, The Spanish Gardener and The Angel Wore Red do that to poor Charlotte Rampling? Of course, then I realized that the man who starred in The Servant, Modesty Blaise, and Victim could! What was the most disturbing scene? The naked man performing ballet for the SS officers was disturbing. Charlotte Rampling singing WENN ICH MIR WAS WÜNSCHEN DÜRFTE in only a pair of pants and suspenders was slightly more disturbing. Charlotte falling for Dirk, her German Nazi torturer was even more disturbing. Charlotte and Dirk rolling around in strawberry jelly was most disturbing. All in all, a great Valentine's Day movie ;-)
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Mittwoch, Februar 12, 2003

All it does is snow. I am feeling seasonally affected. Still haven't joined LA Fitness. All I do is work and watch old movies. Last night I saw Trouble in Paradise on TCM. It was gorgeous and fantastic and it captivated me. So much so that I willingly missed the first 1/2 hour of Smallville. (If you must know, I have crushed ever so slightly on Lex Luther and Papa "Bo" Kent).
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Sonntag, Februar 09, 2003

Ants Invasion 2002 I can't believe it-- An Adam Ant Tribute Band! What a great idea!
Just watched a silly B movie, Love Bites... starring Adam Ant as Zachery Simms... a vampire! It was great. Very enjoyable in that stupid early 90's way. Got me to wondering what happened to Adam Ant. Last I had heard, he went berserk in a pub and flashed a gun at the patrons. Apparently he was dressed like a cowboy and the regulars laughed and hummed the theme to a spaghetti western which set him off. He doesn't seem to be fairing very well. The pictures that I have found show him looking rather bloated and ruddy. Poor Adam. The face paint has worn off.

Side Note: I want to see this movie Ant Muzak
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Mittwoch, Februar 05, 2003

Lisa and I took our parents out to eat for their 41st Wedding Anniversary last night. It was nice. We went to a local Italian restaurant. Usually we never eat at Italian restaurants because that is what we cook at home. Regardless, it was different than usual and very yummy.
Other nice things:
The American Diabetes Association sent me ADDRESS LABELS! My expense checks are now direct deposit! The latest Anthropologie catalog came in the mail today. I remembered to watch Smallville yesterday. My old German exchange guest sister and penpal just gave birth to a baby boy! My hair is long enough to braid. I have a 20.00 gift certificate to the Express. And I saw the entire John Garfield Story on TCM. :-)
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Montag, Februar 03, 2003

Pre-Dating Speed-Dating Events: How Busy Single Professionals Meet! This was on the news last night. I wonder if I should do it? There are a few sessions coming up in Philly and $28.00 isn't bad.

It's a beautiful day-- I probably could have worn my bathing suit... but I did my laundry yesterday. :-)
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Sonntag, Februar 02, 2003

What I did accompllish:
1. 2 loads of laundry, 1 load is still in the dryer.
2. Stacked the papers on my desk and threw away a few receipts. (that counts for cleaning)

What I still need to accomplish:
1. Rest of the laundry (2 loads left..... I now have enough clothes to last me another 3 months!)
2. Expense Report
3. Find answers to Benefit plan
4. Sign up for LA Fitness
5. Walk.... even though Lily isn't here to join me.
6. Call Erin S I left a message on her answering machine, that's good enough
7. Write emails!
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Samstag, Februar 01, 2003

Lisa and I got 2 tall, skim, no-foam lattes FREE at Starbucks yesterday! Lisa's friend Carmelita works there now and she was feeling generous, I suppose. It was very nice not having to spend $50.00 for 2 coffees.
Today I must....
1. Try to understand the new benefits package my company is offering.
2. Do 5 loads of laundry... if I let this go on any longer, I will have to wear my bathing suit tomorrow.
3. Clean my desk.
5. Call Erin S
6. Write emails that I have been putting off because I am sooooooooo over-extended at work.
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