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Mittwoch, Juli 31, 2002

This afternoon I had my hair trimmed. In the car driving to the salon, I flipped on the radio and tuned in to ALICE 104.5. Here Comes the Sun was playing. It seemed to go on forever and so I changed stations, listened to a couple songs and then flipped ALICE back on. Here Comes the Sun was still playing. Intrigued, I listened. After about 10 minutes I could hear where the loop started. When I came back from having my haircut, it was still playing- over and over. It played as I drove home. (In the sky there were two parachutists!) A few hours later I drove to the drugstore-- Here Comes the Sun continued to loop. WHY??? Are they going off the air? Is it a salute to something? When I first realized the song was playing for far too long, I wondered if maybe I was going crazy and I was reminded of the movie Orphée. In this movie, Orpheus is obsessed with Death (a woman) and a radio station that he listens to in her car. The radio transmits very cryptic poems and Orpheus transcribes them into his notebook. He is transfixed and ignores everything else. Of course, I am not still in the car listening to Here Comes the Sun... yet, in a weird way, I can't help but feel hopeful. I want it to be a sign of good things to come.
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Tomorrow is vacation! Lisa and I are taking off for a week! Woo Hoo!!! (I never thought I would ever type: Woo Hoo, I guess I really do need a vacation) So many things I need to do-- how will I ever get it all finished?
1. Pack
2. Write Weekly Report
3. Fill out Expense Report
4. Do laundry
5. Clean Office
6. Clean Room

By Friday, I will be on the beach, sipping a margarita, and not thinking about work, my future, or the lack of romance in my life. Yes, it will be wonderful.
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Dienstag, Juli 30, 2002

That's the Way I Like It / Forever Fever(1998)
I saw this movie last night on Oxygen and it was great! A combination Bruce Lee/ Saturday Night Fever that takes place in Singapore!
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Sonntag, Juli 28, 2002

UGH! better than nothing.
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Audra said she thinks the reason so many people are searching for Trading Spaces Nude is because the handyman is really hot and people want to see him NAKED! I am willing to accept that notion.

I changed the pictures on the right side of the HP, did you notice? My father told me they are horrible and have a fish bowl distortion. Maybe I'll put the old ones back or try to find better pictures. I dunno.

Lst night I went to the Bubble House in Philadelphia (34th & Sansom). The bubble tea was excellent although a bit too sweet. I liked the tapioca bubbles on the bottom. They successfully stopped me from drinking it in one big gulp.
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Samstag, Juli 27, 2002

I am very curious! Can someone please tell me why there are so many people searching for Trading Spaces Nude? I get about 10 hits a day from this query. I can't figure it out. What are you guys searching for??? Does it have anything to do with Trading Spaces, the DIY show on TLC?

Anyway, I forgot to watch Nigella Bites this morning. I'm a bit disappointed but they all seem to be repeats anyway. This afternoon I went to the mall and bought a pair of Gap jeans for 12.00, a sun hat for 3.97, and a Limited tank top for 4.99. Audra should call me and we will most likely go to Philly this evening. It looks like it is going to rain, I hope it doesn't ruin our plans.
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Yahoo! News - Decline in GERMAN Nudists Threatens Tourist Attraction
Fri Jul 26,11:16 AM ET

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - The naked sunbathers who once filled Munich's central park on warm summer days are turning their backs on Germany's famous open-air celebration to nudity.

Officials worried that the new-found prudery will damage the international reputation of the park and cause a drop in tourism to the Bavarian city have appealed to local sun-lovers to come back and leave their clothes behind.

"We've lost many of the nudists who made the English Garden a special place," said park director Thomas Koester. "Especially good-looking young women and men who made it such an attraction aren't here as much anymore. It's becoming a real problem."

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Mittwoch, Juli 24, 2002

I was reading Shape magazine last night and there was an article that suggested in order to lose weight and eat more healthy one should listen to their body's wants and needs. So today I decided to listen to my body and for lunch I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a handful of potato chips.
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Montag, Juli 22, 2002

I guess I was on a roll. Couldn't stop myself. I removed the tables and redid them in CSS. Of course I used a template, but I am still proud of myself. I think it looks a lot better.
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Sonntag, Juli 21, 2002

SCROLL DOWN!!! I made some changes. Tell me what you think.
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Video store Stories I used to work at a video store when I was in college and let me tell you my experience was almost identical!
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Samstag, Juli 20, 2002

So far so good. Awoke at 8. Picked up my dry cleaning. Watched 2 episodes of Nigella Bites. Let's see how the rest of the day goes. I need to respond to a few emails. Clean my room. Really clean my room. Maybe get my car washed...but what is the point when I never drive?
Have I mentioned that in a little over a week I am going to MEXICO!!!! Lisa and I are going on a one week vacation and I am so excited. I've been trying to diet a little so when I walk in my two-piece bathing suit my thighs don't move too much, but it has been futile. I eat a little bowl of oatmeal and I am so proud. As the heat and frustrations of the day wear on, my resolve disappears and the next thing I know I am eating blueberry pie and orange sherbet. The food makes me feel better- so maybe it is worth it. Nigella would agree, I am sure.
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Freitag, Juli 19, 2002

Daily Herald: Clear and present anger
BY JOEL REESE Daily Herald Staff Writer
Posted on July 18, 2002
Thirty minutes with a surly Harrison Ford

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Donnerstag, Juli 18, 2002

Elderly GERMAN Yodeler Causes Police Alert
BERLIN (Reuters) - German police investigating reports of screams coming from an apartment said Wednesday they had found a 76-year-old woman practicing for a yodeling diploma.
Neighbors called police after hearing noises coming from the flat in the western town of Offenbach near Frankfurt.
"The officers weren't able to judge whether the neighbors were unfamiliar with Bavarian folk music or whether the lady still requires a lot of practice," police said in a statement.

Earlier, police in the city of Aachen said they had cautioned a man for screaming in a forest to relieve his stress. The man's yelling had frightened neighbors.
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Mittwoch, Juli 17, 2002

Last night I had a dream I was walking through a city barefoot holding the hand of U2's Bono. I felt so at peace and happy with Bono and I marveled at how he wasn't at all the pinko-commie, obnoxious pig as he is on television. My foot started to hurt and Bono let me lean against him as I looked to see what was the matter. From my foot I pulled a piece of yarn... a very long piece of yarn, unraveling. FIN
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Google Search: hairy armpits How did my little puppy end up in these search results???
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Montag, Juli 15, 2002

MilkandCookies - Bruce Lee Lives
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Yahoo! News - German Man Lived with Dead Father for a Year
Germany has seen several cases in recent years in which the bodies of people who had died alone in their homes lay undiscovered for weeks, months or even years.
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64 Reasons to Hate Star Wars: Episode II I agree completely
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Sonntag, Juli 14, 2002

i love you - kitten This is absolutely great! To think I have been slumming around Oh, the time I have wasted! All I needed was this little kitten. Okay, I realize the kitten won't call me back either but at least he says all the right things! BTW does anyone know if that is a real song the little kitten sings, it sounds somewhat familiar. Of course, it may be the song Charles Bronson sings to me in my dreams.

Okay, I also really like this one too- click here But BEWARE: it is politically incorrect. Speaking of lyrics, I always heard: You spin me right round baby right right round like a record baby right round GROUND ROUND! Gosh, I do miss the old Ground Round restaurants. Each table got endless baskets of popcorn and peanuts and while eating you watched old black and white cartoons they projected onto the walls. Those were the days, my friend!
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Germany added to Bush's 'Axis of Evil' 'bout time!
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Wow, I love the power of blogging! Marcelo, thanks for the tip! I will patiently wait for Blogger's changes to take place so the publish API works. I hope soon!
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Samstag, Juli 13, 2002

Wonder Woman Underoos! Do you think they make them in a size 8?
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Do I always have to go to and click the publish button myself?
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TESTING! This is a test of the national blogcast system. I just downloaded w.bloggar. I found a link to it on Thanks for posting the link, Nik.... this is a very nice interface to blogger.

Question: no spellcheck?
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Freitag, Juli 12, 2002

Taboo: Forbidden Behavior with Chopsticks Are You Aware Of It?
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Donnerstag, Juli 11, 2002

Woman Spends 10 Months in German Jail for Sister
SAARBRUECKEN, Germany (Reuters) - A woman pretending to be her older sister spent 10 months in prison for her sibling's crimes before deciding she had had enough of life behind bars, German police said Wednesday.
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German Police Roused by Mating Hedgehogs
MAINTAL, Germany (Reuters) - German police rushed to investigate cries of distress reported by an elderly woman in a small town near Frankfurt early Tuesday only to find the moaning came from two copulating hedgehogs.
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Mittwoch, Juli 10, 2002

Sila - Page cover This is wear I'm buying it from... whenever the day is upon me.
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The Dream King
The Webmaster at the Dream King Web site signed my guestbook!!! That means I have bridged one degree of separation from the Dream King himself, Trent Carlini- the world's greatest Elvis Stylist EVER!!!!! Trent has a new show at the Riviera in Vegas. I am quite the Trent Carlini fan, you see, I first saw him on the Vicki Lawrence show back when I was in college. (I recorded it and still have the tape...the first hour is the Vicki show followed by Forever Knight, Kung Fu the Legend Continues, Highlander and BRIDESHEAD REVISITED:) Then my mom and I saw his show when we visited Vegas back in the winter of 1996. I remember we were going through a Las Vegas magazine trying to find out what shows to see and the Dream King brochure just fell out. It was as if we were meant to see the show! I picked up the pamphlet and exclaimed, "this is the guy from the Vicki Lawrence show...we have to go!" We were so blown away by his performance we told all our friends who were going to Vegas that they had to see him. Then in 2000 we took my sister to Vegas and we made sure to see the Dream King again. Last November, when I was in Vegas for a business trip I went to see him alone. His performance was just as electrifying as I rememeber except he used the same excuse for getting on stage late as he did the time before- "We're waiting for a busload of senior citizens whose bus broke down..." My fingers are crossed that one day Trent will perform in Philadelphia.
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Dienstag, Juli 09, 2002

Blind GERMAN Psychic Gropes Buttocks to See Future
BERLIN (Reuters) - Forget palm-reading. A blind German psychic claimed Tuesday he could read people's futures by feeling their naked buttocks.
Clairvoyant Ulf Buck, 39, claims that people's backsides have lines like those on the palm of the hand, which can be read to reveal much about their character and destiny.
"The bottom is much more intense -- it has a much stronger power of expression than the hand in my experience," Buck told Reuters. "It goes on developing throughout your life."
By running his fingers along a number of lines on the surface of a client's posterior, he says he can tell them about their future monetary success, family life, health and happiness.
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Ananova - Wife 'learns of husband's bigamy in local paper wedding list'
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Sonntag, Juli 07, 2002

I had an absolutely horrible dream last night. I was driving in a car with my family when I suddenly got this feeling of dissonance and dread. I looked up to see planes falling from the sky. The road was pandemonium as cars tried to avoid getting hit. The earth shook with the force of the jets smashing to the ground. I turned on the radio and an announcer intoned: This is the end as we know it.... we are finished - This is the end as we know it.... we are finished. Horrible, huh? Well, the next dream I had was equally strange. I was decorating a gymnasium for a prom and I was trying to convince everyone that we should paint the walls brown and then we could use fuschia and aqua "to pump it up!" This is what happens when you watch too much Changing Rooms.
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Freitag, Juli 05, 2002

Yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I got into her car and drove and drove for hours. We came upon a quaint, little town and we walked around. It was very nice, despite the intense heat. Walking back to the car we passed a store that had a picture of Wonder Woman on the door and I knew I had to go in. It was a silly little store that sold old 70's memorabilia. In the store, a man approached me and asked if I was from Philadelphia. When I said yes and asked how he knew, he told me that he had visited Philly a year ago Memorial Day and he remembered seeing me walking around!!! Isn't that odd? I am really hoping that he remembered me because I am just simply a memorable person and not because I was doing something really stupid.
1:14 PM | link  |  78589733') 78589733 ">Comment, I wanted to register this domain name!!
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Mittwoch, Juli 03, 2002

Up, up and away :: A man and his lawn chair take flight
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You sunk my Battleship!
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