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Sonntag, Juni 30, 2002

Video of my Grow up Skipper Barbie Doll
No one ever believes me when I mention that I had a Skipper doll that actually grew breasts. This evening after dinner (without much else to do), I decided to document the growth spurt. By simply turning her left arm, she grows a half inch and develops...right before your very eyes. Click on the link and watch!!!!
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My Traffic Log
I love looking at this log... my favorite search this week is 'naked woman farting.' You would simply not believe how many times the 'trading spaces nude' comes up. It doesn't make sense to me. I wonder if they are thinking of something other than the DIY show?
29 Jun, Sat, 02:54:29 Yahoo: nude personal home pages
29 Jun, Sat, 04:59:25 Google: Trent Carlini
29 Jun, Sat, 06:34:36 Yahoo: personal webcam
29 Jun, Sat, 11:51:28 Google: trading spaces nude
29 Jun, Sat, 12:25:10 Google: lil bowow
29 Jun, Sat, 13:02:54 Yahoo: my personal home page nude
29 Jun, Sat, 18:55:39 Google: naked woman farting
29 Jun, Sat, 20:17:55 Google: star wars cellphone ringer
29 Jun, Sat, 21:00:19 Google: holiday pictures leaving airport
29 Jun, Sat, 21:28:31 Google: personal nude webpage
30 Jun, Sun, 01:29:29 Yahoo: great sex life linda sonntag
30 Jun, Sun, 04:24:53 Google: comment Sun Also Rises
30 Jun, Sun, 04:33:27 Yahoo: personal webcams
30 Jun, Sun, 09:14:30 Yahoo: webcam
30 Jun, Sun, 13:55:28 Yahoo: "personal nude"
30 Jun, Sun, 14:05:11 Google: trent carlini
30 Jun, Sun, 15:39:57 Yahoo: personal webcam homepages
30 Jun, Sun, 15:58:27 Google: personal webcams
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My sister came across a brilliant idea the other day and I thought it would be a great thing to pass along. I am sure everyone has been in the situation where they are driving and some jerk starts to tailgate-- What do you do? Slow down? Speed up? Pull over? Lisa has found a new approach that I really like. She activates her windshield washer! Because you are traveling at a nice clip, the washer fluid actually squirts out and flies over your car and hits the tailgater's windshield causing little white spots on his windshield as well as the need to turn on his wipers. This seems to be a great "hint" that they are a bit too close and Lisa says she has found that the tailgating jerk backs off immediately.
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Freitag, Juni 28, 2002

A year ago today, I left for Germany. I remember returning 2 weeks later feeling so hopeful. I had been vying for a new position and I believed it was mine. Sadly, I was not chosen for the position. And the plans I had made in Germany were never realized. Nothing changed. Actually things did change but not in the way I had visualized. Hell's bells.

This weekend I will:
1. Clean my room
2. Clean my room
3. Clean my room
4. Clean my room
5. Clean my room
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Donnerstag, Juni 27, 2002

Teacher Who Stopped Killer Now Hate Figure
BERLIN (Reuters) - A mild-mannered German teacher who bravely disarmed a former student with mere words to end a school massacre in April said on Thursday he regretted being the hero because he has since become a local hate figure.

Unreal... illustrates the differences between Germans and Americans. I love them but they are COLD!
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Mittwoch, Juni 26, 2002 - Bubble Bees My high score is 2800- I actully caught 3 bees in one bubble and got 500 points. I feel really good until the high score page comes on and people have 200,000 points! I can't figure out how in the world that happens. Of course, I have been playing an entire week and I seem to have plateau-ed in terms of score. I figure that the people who really have scored high must catch more than two or three bees... but the bees never swarm together for me!

It is so hot here- even with the air conditioning on. I want to jump in a nice cool pool. ...Must call Barbara... For now, I have to take Lily for her after dinner walk.
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Study: Men in no rush to marry!
MOUNT LAUREL (AP) -- Big news, singles!
Men are reluctant to commit to marriage.

As if there are any worth marrying- HA!
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German Nuns Worship World Cup Goalie Kahn
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Montag, Juni 24, 2002

I just deleted a ton of pictures in the gallery. Figured it was time to purge Herr R entirely. Also, Audra has been on my case that the pictures I had of her were not the most becoming. They are now all gone- soon to be replaced with new and improved pictures...if I ever find the time.

Open question to anyone who knows the answer....Does cinnamon go bad? I mean, does it ever expire? We've been using a box of cinnamon that dates back probably 25 years! The box looks like a relic from the 70's. I can't imagine that it is still good, but it smells fine and tastes ok. I hate to think I am killing myself by sprinkling rotten cinnamon on my oatmeal every morning. My mom says that spices were found in the Egyptian tombs that were still edible. I say that it was honey that was found, not cinnamon. Besides, who in the world would eat 1,000 year old honey!?!?
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Sonntag, Juni 23, 2002

Sex Scandal Rocks Wonka Factory
There have been sordid and almost unbelievable reports of a wide range of offenses, including p*rn*graphic films featuring Oompa Loompas, all-night *rgies at the Wonka factory and other incidents of lewd behavior—at least one involving a taffy-pulling machine and what investigators are calling "inappropriate relations with a golden goose."

I always suspected those little Oompa Loompas of impropriety!!!!
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Samstag, Juni 22, 2002

Beautiful Franka Potente Web site
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Freitag, Juni 21, 2002

Germany Beats U.S. 1-0 at World Cup Damn it.
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Donnerstag, Juni 20, 2002

Guardian Angel Seal
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Mittwoch, Juni 19, 2002

GoMemphis: Food I want to try watermelon beer!
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Dienstag, Juni 18, 2002

URSPRUNG BUAM FANPAGE!!! Somehow I found this site searching for a clip of the infamous French talk show appearance of Serge Gainsbourg and Whitney Houston.
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Yesterday when I was about to pay my credit card bill, I found an unauthorized a pornographic Web site!!! They had my name and info but the email address was wrong (and profane!). Can you believe it! I always thought I was careful with my credit card but I guess not. Still, I am kind of emabarassed that my name was used to gain access to a Web site whose name is something like :-)
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Sonntag, Juni 16, 2002

MilkandCookies - What do you meme? Scroll down until you get to the Jackie Chan Street Fighter entry. It is a movie clip so this is only good if you have broadband. Watching it was like witnessing a dream! :-)

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Samstag, Juni 15, 2002

Germany's school system a 'failure' - JUNE 15, 2002 You GO Gerhard!! Push them harder!!!!
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. . . the end of the line
Last night my Mom, Dad, and I went for pizza at DeLorenzo's. Sitting at the table *famished,* waiting for the pizza to arrive, I did something bad. A stupid idea came to me as my father started to tease me. Because I was so overcome in hunger I didn't suppress it. I rolled up a piece of napkin (much like a spit ball but without spit) and I flicked it at dad. Apparently my aim is not so good because it flew right past him and landed in a girl's long hair in the table in front of us. I don't know if anyone noticed but I was horrified. I wasn't sure of the proper etiquette in this type of situation... should I have gone and picked it out of her hair? I don't know!!! Ultimately, I did nothing. As it turned out, she was the type of girl who constantly flips her hair ( I bet she has tons of boyfriends) and so the napkin eventually dropped to the ground. No harm done.
Anyway, Weird John Beck was also there and I promised to link to his Web site (I even put a permanent link to his site on my Lieblinks page- because that is the type of person I am: a nice person who only occasionally makes an ass out of herself).

List of bad things I have done (within the last 6 months)
1. Cut in line at the Las Vegas airport.... 2 mile line, and I cut in at the near front.
2. I drank too much at O'Hare airport and I fell on my butt in front of a collegue and a full bar.
3. Flicked a wet napkin ball at a girl in a pizzeria.
I think that is it. Unless you count not feeding the cat imediately when he cries.
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Freitag, Juni 14, 2002

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Okay. I really love Changing Rooms and I really love Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. His own Web site is nice but the photo gallery is a bit.....odd. It made me feel weird, and I don't mean it produced any stirrings in my utility belt.... it was more like the feeling I get when I watch Celebrity boxing.

Strangley enough, he is married with two daughters.
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Todd: Franke Potente is soooooooo cool!
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Donnerstag, Juni 13, 2002

I skipped work today! Lisa and I went to the shore and walked the boardwalk. The weather was cold and overcast; yet my face got sunburn! We also went to the Jacksonville Outlet stores. I bought a rather slutty looking slinky black dress at the Gap. It was so cheap and it looked pretty good on. I kinda felt a bit like Ann Sheridan in it....although I probably looked more like a bloated Cher. ;-)

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Excite - German Paper Mocks 'Degenerate' Brits I realize it is a joke but for a country that collectively enjoys taking off their clothes at public parks to play volleyball... degenerate seems a bit hypocritical. :-)
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Mittwoch, Juni 12, 2002

Lisa and I saw the movie: The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. We walked into the theater and were surprised to see a full room- we were less surprised that it was comprised almost entirely of women. The movie was cute, a nice distraction. The guy who played Sandra Bullock's fiance looked so familiar to me-- within a minute it hit me and I whispered excitedly to Lisa: "He is the guy who played Richard Burton in the Elizabeth Taylor Story!!!" Playing a hard drinker really took a toll on his appearance; he has gotten puffy. In the Divine Sisterhood, he didn't drink whisky and slur but rather he donned just the cutest little Irish accent. I couldn't imagine dating an Irish man-- I'd feel as if I was talking to a wee Lebrechaun and that would just freak me out. Regardless, Richard Burton/Connor had the cutest little bangs that curled over his forehead-- which I liked. I did realize that I don't like the trend of men wearing V-neck sweaters without a T-shirt underneath. I think it looks kind of sleazy, although that might only apply to Richard Burton/Connor.
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Dienstag, Juni 11, 2002

Excite - Online Personals Becoming 'Killer App' I'm not alone!
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Sonntag, Juni 09, 2002

Anna's Anthony Andrews Page - Multimedia: Movie Stills | Brideshead revisited
LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!! An Anthony Andrews PAGE! Shortly after my crushes on Yul Brynner and Charles Bronson faded, I became slightly fixated on Anthony Andrews. When most girls were in love with New Kids on the Block, I locked myself in my bedroom to watch all 12 hours of Bridehead Revisited on PBS. (I also loved Princess Daisy....sometimes I would cheer for Prince Ram) Just last night I took out my dusty copy of Bridehead Revisited (I had spliced together all my favorite scenes so I didn't have to sit through all 12 hours) and I found that it still did something to me. I really don't know what attracted me to an obviously older man portraying an alcoholic teenager who carried around a large teddy bear. Apparently I missed some subtext at the time that now (after this last viewing) doesn't seem so "sub." :-) So, if you are at all interested in the long and varied career of Anthony Andrews (or want to see some kooky pictures from BR), this is a great link and perhaps you would agree with Anthony Blanche when he said to Lord Sebastian Flyte (Anthony Andrews), "My dear! I should like to stick you full of barbed arrows like a p-p-p-pin cushion!"
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Lily's Web House
Gosh, EVERYONE has a Web page nowadays! What is the world coming to?
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Samstag, Juni 08, 2002

Paul Lynde For The Win Audgie's Tribute to the greatest Center Square ever! Just a matter of time before we see a Web page monument to Charles Nelson Reilly on the Audranet!
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Jail Dudes - Home Do you know that there are thousands of handsome and good looking men of all ages sitting in prison, just waiting for someone to love and care about them?

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Freitag, Juni 07, 2002

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Donnerstag, Juni 06, 2002

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Dienstag, Juni 04, 2002

German English Words COOL!!!!!!!
7:45 PM | link  |  77350997') 77350997 ">Comment - German Satanists on attempted murder charges [04jun02] Blütwurst Anyone?
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Montag, Juni 03, 2002

I am off to Chicago!!! My first trip in quite awhile. It will be nice to get away.
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Sonntag, Juni 02, 2002

Spiderman Warning- Nudity!
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Samstag, Juni 01, 2002

I have accomplished everything but picking up my clothes and making jello. There is still time this evening to accomplish everything.

My profile on has been posted for an entire week and I have received over 50 emails. Of the 50 emails, all but maybe 5 are form letters. The 5 emails that were not form letters were from men who lived hundreds of miles away or are married. I am vascillating between removing the profile or keeping the profile posted mainly so I can laugh at the dumb asses who reply. This has been an extremely disturbing and distressing experience. My cynicism level has risen dramatically. The spinster title that I am furiously trying to avoid is actually becoming quite attractive.
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What I plan on accomplishing today:
1. Get money from ATM
2. Buy Renu contact lens cleaner
3. Pick Strawberries at Shady Brook Farm (if they have pick your own strawberries)
4. Hang clothes that are on trunk and floor in bedroom.
5. Make jello.
That is good enough. I better stop... I don't want to go overboard.
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