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Sonntag, April 28, 2002

Yahoo! News - Ruth Handler, 'Barbie' Creator, Dies at 85 in L.A. The creator of my favorite toy- BARBIE! I had so many Barbies and I loved them all. My favorite was a Skipper doll that when you spun her arms, she would grow an inch and sprout breasts (honest!). The other doll I loved was my Marie Osmond Barbie doll. I would turn her legs so they were up by her ears and then I would press her butt on an ink pad and make butt prints...this was Marie's way of giving out autographs to her fans. My Barbies lived in the Barbie dream house. The dream house was perched upon a thin piece of wood that was supported by 2 concrete blocks. Inside the concrete blocks lived the Fonzie doll and the Mork doll that my Aunt Helen gave me. They both were naked because Barbie liked to wear Fonzie's outfit when we would reenact the ending of Grease. I don't remember why Mork was naked; we just liked him best that way. I also had a Peaches and Cream Barbie. She was so pretty with violet eyes and white blonde hair....that was until I decided she was going into the army like Private Benjamin and I gave her a crew cut. Malibu Barbie was horribly disfigured because Lisa and I decided we wanted to wash and blow dry her hair....well with the blow dryer sitting right on top of her head, she just melted. I still loved her despite the disfigurement- she became the "special" friend Barbie. I will stop boring any of you who actually got this far.... :-)
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Samstag, April 27, 2002

My mom sent this to me...I thought it was cute:

I shave my legs,
I sit down to pee.
And I can justify,
Any shopping spree.

Don't go to a barber,
But a beauty salon.
I can get a massage
Without a hard-on.

I can balance the checkbook,
I can pump my own gas.
Can talk to my friends,
About the size of my ass.

My beauty's a masterpiece,
And yes, it takes long.
At least I can admit,
Whenever I am wrong.

I don't drive in circles,
At any cost.
And I don't have a problem,
Admitting I'm lost.

I never forget,
An important date.
You just gotta deal with it,
I'm usually late.

I don't watch movies,
With lots of gore.
Don't need instant replay,
To remember the score.

I won't lose my hair,
I don't get jock itch.
And just cause I'm assertive,
Don't call me a bitch.

Don't say to your friends,
Oh yeah, I can get her.
In your dreams, my dear,
I can do better!

Flowers are okay,
But jewelry's best.
Would you look at my face,
Not at my chest!

I don't have a problem,
With Expressing my feelings.
I know when you're lying,
You look at the ceiling.

Don't call me a girl,
A babe or a chick.
I am a WOMAN,
Get it, you prick?
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Freitag, April 26, 2002

More Search terms! I love them... I want to know who was searching for Flash the Wonder dog...I think we may have a lot in common!
24 Apr, Wed, 12:48:13 Yahoo: that's incredible starring
24 Apr, Wed, 13:11:58 Yahoo: exhibitonist
24 Apr, Wed, 18:19:45 Google: how to make a personal webpage?
24 Apr, Wed, 18:29:50 Google: "wonder woman" "dressed as"
24 Apr, Wed, 23:13:32 Yahoo: webcam home pages
25 Apr, Thu, 08:29:10 Google: nudist webpage
25 Apr, Thu, 15:28:42 Google: "pee himself"
25 Apr, Thu, 16:26:04 Google: trent carlini
25 Apr, Thu, 17:08:04 Google: rudolf valentino pictures
25 Apr, Thu, 17:23:47 Yahoo: LCD sleepy laptop
25 Apr, Thu, 21:29:14 Google: delorenzo's pizza
25 Apr, Thu, 21:40:59 Google: purple webpage items
25 Apr, Thu, 22:03:23 Google: trading spaces changing rooms
25 Apr, Thu, 22:39:58 Yahoo: webcam
26 Apr, Fri, 01:02:38 Google: good things about personal webpage
26 Apr, Fri, 08:43:19 Yahoo: Heiko drunk
26 Apr, Fri, 12:21:53 Yahoo: #06 Flash, the Wonder Dog
26 Apr, Fri, 12:23:25 Yahoo: webcam personal
26 Apr, Fri, 12:38:14 Yahoo: #06 Flash, the Wonder Dog Archives
26 Apr, Fri, 13:30:38 Google: VERY PERSONAL NUDE WEBPAGE
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18 Killed in German School Shooting
It's up to 18.....tragic! Where did they get the guns???
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Todd: What is your email address?
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Yahoo! News - 3 Die in Germany School Shooting
Welcome to America, Germany!
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Donnerstag, April 25, 2002

Millions Spent to Recreate Rail Misery

Siemens, has modified its test track by deliberately inserting gaps between sections of rail, making track heights and gauge widths uneven and installing an erratic electricity supply to simulate British commuter routes.

Todd, is this something you are working on???????? :-)
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Mittwoch, April 24, 2002

Stop Noise I agree!
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Dienstag, April 23, 2002

Just thought you might like to see what people are looking for when they come across donnaville.

21 Apr, Sun, 04:43:44 Yahoo: webcam
21 Apr, Sun, 05:22:37 Yahoo: personal webcams
21 Apr, Sun, 12:10:25 Google: delorenzo's pizza trenton
21 Apr, Sun, 14:32:30 Google: "the worst witch"
21 Apr, Sun, 15:23:31 Google: nutella webpage
21 Apr, Sun, 16:24:39 Yahoo: webcams
21 Apr, Sun, 21:10:53 Yahoo: webcams
22 Apr, Mon, 02:13:58 Yahoo: exhibitonist home pages
22 Apr, Mon, 09:05:39 Yahoo: super-heroine
22 Apr, Mon, 12:57:59 Yahoo: webcam germany
22 Apr, Mon, 13:28:51 Google: romy schneider
22 Apr, Mon, 14:01:40 Google: very emaciated women
22 Apr, Mon, 19:17:04 Google: gargantuan breasts
22 Apr, Mon, 21:02:27 Google: personal webpage
22 Apr, Mon, 21:59:42 Google: rudolf valentino pictures
22 Apr, Mon, 23:33:23 Yahoo: donna home page
23 Apr, Tue, 02:05:43 Yahoo: webcam personal pages
23 Apr, Tue, 03:54:43 Yahoo: forced to pee
23 Apr, Tue, 08:22:35 Google: personal nude picture pages
23 Apr, Tue, 13:57:30 Google: personal webpage
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Samstag, April 20, 2002

I feel like this! :-)
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Donnerstag, April 18, 2002

German Men on Trial After Head Found in Playground
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The Sacramento Bee -- -- Five planets line up in rare celestial array
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Mittwoch, April 17, 2002

Young German Couple Tests Water Beds in After-Hours Romp
2:27 PM | link  |  75513209') 75513209 ">Comment | Sexy specs If only others felt this way.... If only my glasses didn't reduce my eyes to peas.
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Sonntag, April 14, 2002

Pre-Date Confidence Builder This is FABULOUS! I like General Encouragment #2.
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Samstag, April 13, 2002

German Language Books - Elvis in Köln I want this book!!!!
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David Hasselhoff's Hooked on a Feeling Video The Germans love David Hasselfhoff. Well, that is what most Americans have been led to believe. I have never met a German who has admitted any love for the man. Although back in 1989 when the Wall came tumbling down, I remember seeing a TV clip of David Hasselhoff sitting on the Wall and singing some Freedom song while thousands of East Germans, clad in denim and handkerchiefs, held hands and swayed back and forth. An old Berliner friend of mine said that the Germans didn't know he was there and were just reacting to the events that were happening around them. WIRKLICH! Well, after viewing this video I think it would be very difficult not to be moved by the image and music of David Hasselhoff. Especially at the end when all the David Hasselhoffs really is quite moving.
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Dienstag, April 09, 2002

Official Billy Jack Website
I loved the Billy Jack movies-- I can't believe he has an official Web site!!!!
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Montag, April 08, 2002

Inhalation of Vomit Page in Fuller Up, Dead Musician Directory
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I was searching for Falco- hoping to come up with Rock me Amadeus or some other video..instead I find Tav Falco's Why Was I Born (Too Late). WOW! The absolute antithesis of Falco (nee Johann Holzel) but still really great. There was an element of Jean Cocteau about the video....if you have broadband watch it!!!

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Sonntag, April 07, 2002

Strange lights in the sky baffle Bavarians
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Great X-Files episode tonight. Burt Reynolds might have co-starred but I was bowled over by John Kapelos a.k.a. Schanky from Forever Knight- I am so happy to see him getting work. And the music was fabulous! I really like Agent Monica R. She and Agent Doggett are great additions. I love the Monica/Dana dynamic. Too bad the series won't continue next season. I guess I am alone in my preference.

We got a new channel this weekend- VH1C. On constant rotation are videos from the 1980's!!!! I can't stop watching it- just this evening I caught the video for Falco's Der Kommissar!!! Falco was so cool. I remember how amazed I was when I found out that the chorus, Der Komissar geht um ohohoh, is actually a German variation on the children's game Duck Duck Goose. Who knew?!?
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Samstag, April 06, 2002

It's a naive domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption
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Mittwoch, April 03, 2002

Another good one!
Rob's Amazing Poem Generator
donnaville com :: The caliber
of us that is
not the caliber of your total attraction Factor is
your Appearance!That he
was simply dirty. He
assured us. be off. We walked away
quickly; I love
i, realized he shits,
it was simply dirty.
He assured us.
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Here are some pictures I recently took:
Donna and Peter Tork!!!!!
Peter Tork @ the Tin Angel
My little dog, Lily
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Dienstag, April 02, 2002

Nina Hagen picture- complete with Wonderwoman Tiara and hairy armpits!!!!
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Rob's Amazing Poem Generator
donnaville com :: The urge to a longer
look, I love
i, thought he was simply dirty. He told us
be off. We
walked away
quickly; I am I wish
other people knew
that I
thought he then mentioned that is
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child...would either of your Attraction Factor Donna, according
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Attraction Factor is not the single
man came over to go!I went
to Emode’s analysis,
your total attraction Factor is: not the single man
came over to a longer look,
I saw
in Papua, New
Guinea. It feels like .
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Montag, April 01, 2002

Forever Knight Marathon on SciFi!!!!!
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