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Sonntag, März 31, 2002

Lisa and I went to a bar this evening. A man came over to us and started a conversation. At first glance, I thought he was dark and swarthy, but when I took a longer look, I realized he was simply dirty. He told us that he just swallowed his gum. It was only a little piece, he assured us. And when he shits, it will make a tiny bubble coming out. He then mentioned that he has 15 children- all with different mothers. 6 in PA, 3 in Hawaii, 4 in Alaska, 1 in Easter Island and 1 in Papua, New Guinea. It is his goal to have many children and tonight he had the urge to make another child...would either of us be interested? He gives each child $178.00 a month in support. "Quite tempting," I said, but we must be off. We walked away quickly; I was a little worried that he might come after us.
I hope this is not the caliber of man I am now attracting. I hope this fellow is not a representation of the single man that is out in the world today. Ach mein Gott, what am I facing????
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skop. com [Das Bo] Remix a German Rap Song and Video! My favorite keys are 8, 7, 4, & 3.
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Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern!
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Samstag, März 30, 2002

Bitte, Todd. Glauben Sie mir! :-)

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Donnerstag, März 28, 2002 The Attraction Factor Donna, according to Emode’s analysis, your Attraction Factor is: 60% Your strongest attraction factor is your Appearance!

That means you're reaching 60% of your total attraction potential. Only 40% left to go!

I wish other people knew that I was 60% attractive! Most days it feels like .5%.
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Mittwoch, März 27, 2002

BBC News | Munich, Germany | Sex doll fan mistaken for murderer
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Dienstag, März 26, 2002 . . . . . . . . Kinda fun
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Montag, März 25, 2002

Partridge Family Temple Cute! I love the Partridge Family! Their music is great fun! I actually saw David Cassidy in person. He was in the show, FX which I saw in Vegas back about 5 years ago.
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Freitag, März 22, 2002

Shoe Suede Blues - Meet the Band
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Last night, Lisa and I saw Peter Tork in concert at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia!!!!!!! He was playing with his Blues band: The Shoe Suede Blues. I don't know if I would call it a Blues band; I guess if I had to call it something it would be: Happy Funky Blues. Peter is getting old. He is also getting petite. But he seems happy. Our seats (stools, actually) were very close to the stage so we had a great view. The other band members were real characters! The drummer looked like Ronald Reagan with a pompador and ducktail. The guitar player looked like he might have toured in Jesus Christ Superstar while the keyboard player was rather obnoxious like Penn from Penn and Teller. The bassist was very quiet and hid in the shadows. There was a heckler in the crowd, a drunk lady who kept asking Peter if he was the one who wore the wool hat. "No I was the small British one," he kept replying. Thankfully he did play some Monkees' songs: Last Train to Clarksville, I am a Believer, etc... Sadly, he did not play Daydream Believer or Auntie Grizelda. It was a great performance and I feel a little guilty knowing I probably infected the band and audience with my cold.
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Mittwoch, März 20, 2002

"Stop coughing! Why don't you just get rid of that cold!?!?!" As if I have absolute control over my body! If that were so I would be a size 0 with C cups.
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I'm sick :-(
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Sonntag, März 17, 2002

On Friday, Lisa and I saw the film, the Count of Monte Cristo (not Crisco). It was really very good. Reminded me of an old-time movie! I thought the fellow who portrayed Edmund resembled Jeffrey Hunter(Jesus in the King of Kings). It may have just been the long hair and beard, though.
At the moment, snowflakes are falling and to think just the other day I would have bet Spring was here. I can hardly wait for it to warm up a bit. I am tired of being cold. Let the weather warm!

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Samstag, März 16, 2002

Audra, this is a test of blogger.
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Freitag, März 15, 2002

What's Wrong With This Picture?
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Donnerstag, März 14, 2002

An elderly German woman was apparently sent to a morgue while still alive only to die there later from cold
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Mittwoch, März 13, 2002

Hundreds of nudist activists are planning to storm Berlin's largest park...
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Dienstag, März 12, 2002

Psychics must run the American Diabetes Association!!! Why? Because they sent me ADDRESS LABELS!!!!! I needed address labels. I've been complaining because I don't have address labels. I donated money to a disabled Veteran Fund just so I could get address labels! But good old American Diabetes Association delivered!!! I am so happy, although soon I am going to be swimming in address labels. Of course I would rather they find a cure for diabetes than send me address labels :-)

BTW Did you know that Mary Tyler Moore is diabetic?
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The Worst Witch Versus Harry Potter Audgie does it again! Another really cool page! BTW I am not a fan of Harry Potter, but I love the Worst Witch!
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Montag, März 11, 2002

Excite - NewsGermans Swap Sausages to Sample Sauteed Maggots!!! Yuck!!!
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Samstag, März 09, 2002

Donna Meets...
I just uploaded a new picture gallery!!! Take a peek!
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Freitag, März 08, 2002

WATCH Schröder Dance!!!
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Donnerstag, März 07, 2002

After my last class on Wednesday, one of my "students" came up to me and shook my hand. He was a wee man and as he gazed up at me, he asked: "Do you play basketball?" I looked down at him and without skipping a beat I said, "No, do you play minature golf?"
I don't think I made a friend.
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Speaking of more strange German connections, I turned on the television this afternoon and Laugh In was on --with Romy Schneider!?!?! What a very odd combination! She looked gorgeous and spoke with a very lovely German accent. I never realized her career & success were international.
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KeyJay [Bruce Lee] This is soooooooooooooooooo cool! Try it out....mix your own surreal Kung Fu sequence! Also, is it just me or does there seem to be some German spoken in the number keys?
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Dienstag, März 05, 2002

Stuck in a hotel conference center nestled deep in Illinois. It is cold outside and snow is everywhere. However, I haven't been out of this building in 2 days! Every second is planned, every meal is provided. I am beginning to wonder if maybe I am not here on business but rather dead. Is this heaven or hell? I am not sure.
Tomorrow I go home, or do I?
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Montag, März 04, 2002

What Video Game Character Am I?

What Video Game Character Are You? I am Pacman.I am Pacman.

I am an aggressive sort of personality, out to get what I can, when I can. I prefer to avoid confrontation, but sometimes when it's called for, I can be a powerful character. I tend to be afflicted with munchies constantly. What Video Game Character Are You?

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Sonntag, März 03, 2002

I am off to Chicago to teach a class on Sales Force Automation!
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Samstag, März 02, 2002

What's New on Yahoo - Society and Culture (Fri Mar 1, 2002)
I'm listed in Yahoo!!!
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Freitag, März 01, 2002

This evening, I went to IKEA and had dinner...Swedish Meatballs! Then I purchased 2 CD towers. They don't match my bedroom furniture exactly, but they look good enough. At home, I quite handily put the towers together. This may sound strange but I always felt that I possessed a woodworking gene. Perhaps in a past life I was a carpenter. Maybe Karen, since I have such a phobia about gaining weight. The shelves look good sitting right next to my bed. Within minutes of assembly, they were filled to capacity. The bottom shelves hosts my DVD and VHS tapes of Veronica Voss, Run Lola Run, Goodbye Columbus, and Monkee episodes. The rest of the shelves hold Elvis Presley, Serge Gainsburg, Dusty Springfield, Die Toten Hosen, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave... I am glad they now have a home.
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Last night Lisa and I went to see our dear friend Audgie in the play: The Vagina Monologues. It was so wonderful and we left feeling very inspired by our own anatomy. In celebration of our new found awe as well as Audgie's incredible performance, we went into Center City to Ludwig's Garten-- a German Bier Hall! We drank Berliner Weiße mit Schuß, Hefeweiße, and RADLER (lager and 7-up). I felt like I was in Germany!!

At the play, we were given little V pins. Afterward, someone said: "Why are you wearing a V pin?" I replied: "Because I love Marc Singer."
Do you get the reference?
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