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Donnerstag, Februar 28, 2002

I just remembered my dream last night. Mr T and I were saving beached whales at the Jersey Shore. The whales were quite big, but Mr T and I were able to lift them up and throw them back into the Atlantic.
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Joe and Max (2002) (TV)Last night on STARZ! there was a 1/2 hour show on the making of this movie. The title refers to Joe Louis and Max Schmeling- and guess who's in it?!?!?! TIL SCHWEIGER!!! No, he doesn't play Louis- he plays Schmeling :-) Til was interviewed and his English was very good. Peta Wilson from La Femme Nikita plays his Czech wife. The film was shot in and around BERLIN!!!! I wonder if Jürgen Prochnow has a cameo? It is scheduled to be broadcast on March 6th- I can barely wait to see it! Ich kann kaum erwarten!

BTW Richard "Shaft" Roundtree is also in it!!!! My dear friend Audgie has a theory that all great movies contain a dwarf- I wouldn't be surprised if Joe and Max has a dwarf!!! :-)
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Freitag, Februar 22, 2002

A cluttered room leads to a cluttered life and that is the reason I am doing some monstrous cleaning. I emptied my desk and gave it to the Salvation Army. (You can see a little of the desk in the photos on the right) My dad re-furbished my closet with shelves and 3 rods so I have more room for my Gap clearance clothes. Going through the mounds and mounds of papers that I found in my closet and desk I have come to one conclusion: I was one hell of a strange kid. Why did I save every Weekly World News and Nat'l Enquirer newspaper that had something to do with Elvis Lives? Why do I have sheets and sheets of photocopies of Yul Brynner and Charles Bronson? WHY? WHY??!?!?!? What kills me is it's the same picture of Yul Brynner, but on certain copies I colored in his eyes: blue, green, purple... There are a lot of different pictures of Charles Bronson, they are cut out of the TV guide and then photocopied over and over. Death Wish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (Back then my favorite movie of his was Twinky. I soooooo wanted to be Susan George!)
The crazy thing is: I still can't throw the junk out! I packaged everything in a little box, waiting to remind me in another 10 years that I was an absolute weirdo in my youth.
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Mittwoch, Februar 20, 2002

Todd is always there for me! He's such a guter KERL!!!! (He signed my comments! :-))))))
Guess what Lisa and I bought at IKEA? A Cd rack? No. A Chest of Drawers? No. We bought...Swedish Chocolate and Salmon Paste. No, not chocolate and salmon paste combined together but 2 separate items. Just thought I'd make that a bit clearer. The chocolate was good, I can't remember the name- we destroyed the wrapper getting to the chocolate. Heck, we may have devoured the wrapper along with the chocolate. You can never go wrong with chocolate. It is possible to go wrong with a bright blue plastic CD rack.
Is it just me or does IKEA furniture, although so cool and stylish, looks cheap and shoody?
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Dienstag, Februar 19, 2002

I just signed up for comments. I don't really know why I bothered but it is new and different. No one signs my freakin' guestbook and I know no one will write comments- oh well. Lisa and I are off to Ikea. I want to buy a CD storage shelf for all my Serge Gainsburg and Elvis Presley CDs.
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This is a test of the comments feature
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I am tired. I also feel disillusioned ever since I saw Robbie Williams on Parkinson Sunday night on BBC America. He looked so cute when he sang Something Stupid, but watching him Sunday he looked like an elongated dwarf. Lisa says the reason is because Hugh Grant was on before and everyone pales in comparison to him. :-)
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Montag, Februar 18, 2002

New Zealand News - NZ - Actor Kevin Smith dies after fall in China
Ares from Xena DIED!!!!
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Donnerstag, Februar 14, 2002

be my anti-valentine
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ACME Heart Maker
I'm having fun sending people anonymous Valentine hearts! iluv u!
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Happy Valentine's Day. Hmmmm, another Valentine's Day spent alone. How many is that? 27. Unreal. Despite the exclusion, I do love V-Day. I love it because it is capitalist and corporate. I admire Mr. Hallmark. What a great idea - what a way to make money!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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Samstag, Februar 09, 2002

Trading Spaces -- The Learning Channel (TLC) -- Trading Spaces
I love Changing Rooms, I watch it whenever I can on BBC America. Trading Spaces is the American equivalent. Tonight I watched an episode and let me tell you: I have never seen such god awful ugly design- ever! It was hideous! I was riveted mainly so I could watch the owner cry as she looked at what once was a very nice kitchen. Somehow the owner actually liked the Southwestern style- the ceiling was painted to look like a Native American blanket, the cabinets were painted silver, faux exposed bricks were painted on an aquamarine wall, chili pepper lights hung by a window- How could she actually like this!?!?! I may just watch it again to laugh...or cry.
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Donnerstag, Februar 07, 2002

I got back from California yesterday. I arrived in LA at 4:30 PST on Monday. Spent Tuesday in Meetings. Awoke Wednesday at 4:00am and caught a flight at 6:30am. Arrived home at 5:30 EST. Does that add up to more time spent in the air than in California?
Rode on the old Route 66 and got some kicks. (Y'know, I get my kicks from Route 66?) Passed a Tommy's Hamburger stand, but running late, I didn't go in to eat. Saw snow capped mountains! Drove about 100 mph on the freeways. Discovered a different breed of woman than we have here in the Northeast. She is blond but with brown eyebrows. She is emaciated, looking like a skeleton with a thin overcoating of skin. Her most peculiar feature are her gargantuan breasts that seem to defy gravity. What amazed me most is that these women are able to walk and not fall forward! I would assume carrying such a huge load would be painful, but these women were not struggling, in fact they were very cheerful and nice. (maybe breasts are filled with helium?) I am guessing she is an offshoot of the California Girl that the Beach Boys sing about. :-)
Enjoyed my short stay in California. Certainly wouldn't mind going back. Except, I would not fly Delta. Although they served FOOD (unlike National) the seats were not accomodating to my legs! I am guessing that Delta designed the seats for people who do not have such appendages. Very odd.
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Freitag, Februar 01, 2002

I downloaded G-Force about 6 months ago. Now I find myself addicted to its kaleidoscope effects. I listen to Henry Valentino and watch the swirly patterns until my eyes hurt. Right now I am listening to Peter Kraus singing Fuer Gaby tu ich alles. I wish I had a key for umlauts. Is there a single American out there who even has a clue about any of this crap?
My stomach hurts. I hate that the weather is rainy. I feel stagnant and lethargic and idle and lazy. I have a ton of receipts that I have to submit in an expense report and I can't seem to make myself do it. I still haven't cleaned my room from last weekend! What is wrong with me?
Last night I watched a bit of Bye Bye Birdie. I am getting old. Why do I say this? In the past, I related to Ann-Margret-- Now I relate to Janet Leigh!!!! :-(
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