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Dienstag, Januar 29, 2002

I just ate a stuffed green pepper, followed by a matza with butter and dulche de leche... I feel a bit ill. What kind of a Hunkey am I? It actually tasted pretty good, I just over did the amount.
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Sonntag, Januar 27, 2002

Back home. It feels great. The cold is a bit daunting but my nice comfy warm bed makes up for the chill. Watched an episode of the Prisoner last night. I have always wanted to see the series. It was interesting and I must try to catch more episodes. There was a strong resemblance to the Avengers in style, I think. My room is a mess. Clothes everywhere. I don't know what is wrong with me.
I watched Deutsche Welle auf Deutsch and then auf Englisch this morning. I am waiting for lunch so I can eat the leftover stuffed pepper my Mom made for dinner last night. This room won't clean itself. Why can't I get up and put the damn clothes away? What is so hard about that?

1. Clean Room
2. Mail $80.00 QuickBooks Rebate
3. Stop drinking coffee and clean Room
4. Stop doing crossword puzzles and clean Room
5. Stop watching taped episode of last night's "That's Life" and clean Room.
6. Stop eating chocolate and clean Room.
7. Stop staring off into space and clean Room.
9. Stop playing with dog and petting cat and clean Room.
10. Clean room tomorrow.
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Sonntag, Januar 20, 2002

It snowed in Philadelphia. Hahahahah! It is beautiful here in Florida. This morning I ate a big pancake breakfast and then I layed on the beach for a couple hours. Then I went to the pool and swam. There were lounge chairs there, and so I sat out in the sun for a little longer. Finally at around 2:00 I started to feel my skin twitch so I decided to get out of the sun. For the last 3 hours I've been sitting on my balcony in the shade, watching the ocean (and my laptop). I took this time to finish the agenda to my meeting on Thursday and I finalized two procedure guides.
Last night I had a crazy dream that I went on a date with Kyle MacLachlan, he's that actor from Twin Peaks and Dune and Blue Velvet. In the dream, I was dressed like WONDER WOMAN!!!! Kyle didn't seem to mind that I was dressed as a Super Heroine, although he did keep telling me my boobs weren't as big as Linda Carter's.

I really shouldn't watch Sex and the City before I sleep.
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Freitag, Januar 18, 2002

I'm still at the office!!! What is wrong with me?

Friday Night!
Still in Office!?!?!?!

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I'm in Florida. I am sooo sleepy, I just can't seem to fall asleep in my hotel room. Last night I actually went swimming! Not in the ocean but in the hotel pool. It was so relaxing and wonderful. I think the last time I submerged my body was 2 years ago in New Orleans also at a hotel pool. I am hoping that the weather stays nice and I can spend the weekend outside in the sun. Although, I have no clue what there is to do other than sitting on the beach. But also- what can I do alone? Independence sucks, sometimes.

BTW www.endoftheline.ORG I fixed it. (See entry below)
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Samstag, Januar 12, 2002

Last night we went to DeLorenzo's Pizza and were served by our favorite waiter, Mr. Weird John "" Beck. We ordered 1 large sausage and mushroom pizza and 1 small red pepper pizza. I ate 5 slices, my mom ate 4 and my father won the evening by downing 6 pieces! We are not pigs, it is just that DeLorenzo's makes the greatest pizza- EVER!

So I must spend the next 2 weeks in Florida. Then the following week I go to New Orleans. I am a travelin' (wo)man again!
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Freitag, Januar 11, 2002

They want me back. For 2 weeks. How can I complain that i have to spend 2 weeks in Florida? But I won't be sitting in the sun. The only light that hits my face is the flickering of my laptop LCD screen.
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Donnerstag, Januar 10, 2002

Back from Florida. It wasn't very warm- but it was certainly warmer than Philly. Spent the time, not watching the waves, not drinking fruity girly drinks, but talking about ACT and how it will be implemented. My mind feels tired.
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Sonntag, Januar 06, 2002

I am going to Florida tomorrow. It should be nice and warm. That will be nice.
This weekend, televisionally speaking, was very German. On Friday Run Lola Run was on Bravo while Cabaret was on True Stories. AMC played Marlene, the biography of Marlene Dietrich. Saturday afternoon, I watched a bit of Das Boot which, I think, was on the STARZ! channel. I LOVE Jurgen Prochnow. This afternoon I watched: My Best Friend, which is a documentary by Werner Herzog chronicling his love-hate relationship with Klaus Kinski. I whole-heartedly recommend renting this film. It is absolutely hysterical! Werner is so calm and serious as he describes Klaus's temper tantrums. There is even footage of Klaus screaming: Leck mich am ARSCH!!! Which translates to: Lick my ass!
I watch far too much television, but what else is there to do? Lisa works all the time, I am alone. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!
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Donnerstag, Januar 03, 2002

Make My Boobies One More Size
Brittany Spears parody! Hysterical! Wait for the .wav to load, it's priceless.
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Dienstag, Januar 01, 2002

2002. I met Lisa at her restaurant, last night. Once she got aff work, we attempted to go to a bar for a drink. Sadly, by the time she got off work (after midnight), all the bartenders were drunk and unable to aim the stream of beer into a glass. Instead of the drink we had planned, we just went home. To tell you the truth, I was happy to go home. I do not enjoy the crowds that are out on New Year's Eve. I so prefer staying at home, watching a movie and having a simple toast at home. So I guess my first resolution for the New Year is to stay home next New Year's Eve. My second resolution is to stop obsessing over emails from Heiko (or rather the lack thereof). The third resolution is to stop spending so much freaking money! Do I have a fourth resolution? Maybe keep my room cleaned or Possibly try to get my life in order or Find a man to marry or Shave my legs on a more regular basis?
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