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Sonntag, September 30, 2001

Experienced a horrible flight back from Florida on Saturday. The whole day was such a doozy. I awoke to a flood and had to wade to my car. The flight was the bumpiest ever, and I was tempted to kiss the ground when we finally landed. Despite all that happened on Saturday, I had a lovely Sunday. In the morning I chatted with my man, Heiko and then in the afternoon I went to my cousin's Baby Shower. I told my mom that I thought it was so nice and one day I wish to have a shower just like it. "My mom replied: But who would we invite? I mean, we might as well just have it in the car!" She just knows how to make me feel special. Speaking of feeling special, my father told me that he thought Muhammad Atta, one of the WTC terrorists, looked just like Heiko!?!?! How crazy weird is that? Heiko is not an ARAB!!!!
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Dienstag, September 18, 2001

America's Tragedy as seen by the World
I am having such a difficult time getting this website to support different browsers and browser versions. Who would have thought it would be so hard! This last weekend I watched 3 Claudia Cardinale movies....gosh, she was cool.
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Montag, September 17, 2001 - Covering the Attack
Can someone tell me why my page looks like shit through the browser, Opera? The main page looks okay, but the other pages are horrendous. The tables look like there are extra cells in them, or something. I don't know! Any assistance is greatly appreciated! (Mainly I need to know if I left attributes or something out of my tables..) THANKS!
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Donnerstag, September 13, 2001

Lisa and I went to give blood this afternoon. It seemed like a nice gesture but we were turned away at the door because we didn't have an appointment. Apparently they were overwhelmed by the turnout. I guess we will try to get appointments and go tomorrow. Who knew it was required to have an appointment to give blood?
Concerning this new website, I finally have all the pages made. Most likely I will be adding to the German section, but I don't know when. Please sign my guestbook-- there is still only my test entry from last week in there, and I know I must have had at least one visitor since then! :-)
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Mittwoch, September 12, 2001

It was strange looking up in the sky and seeing no planes. I was to go to Florida on business but all flights were cancelled. The Oklahoma bombing didn't really affect me..this has. Of course, 136 dead is nothing compared to what happened today. Also, it really hit home for me: I was so terribly worried about my 3 cousins in the city. Fortunately, they are all fine...well, that is what my aunt told me this afternoon. What I keep thinking about is how so many people suffered-- the utmost terror that they experienced.... I can't even begin to imagine. I don't want to imagine.
I can't believe what happened, it is just so unreal. My head is still spinning. I have no idea what to make of it all. Life as we know it has changed, changed forever. There will definately be retribution. War. Ugh! Yet, I feel better knowing Bush is in office.
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Dienstag, September 11, 2001

My mom just told me something I found humorous. Yesterday she found a Saint Jude medal. Saint Jude is the saint for lost causes... The IRONY!!!!
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Montag, September 10, 2001

Back from Florida. It was so nice there. Every evening I would sit on the balcony, drinking wine, and watching the sunset. Last night I went to my old high school friend's engagement/open house party. Lisa was too busy working. And Heiko is 4,000 miles away. It is good that I am able to stand alone. I am hoping this pushes the text downward, so Lisa can see what is wrong with my design. Okay, that is all. I go back to Florida next week. Monday night, TIm may get up and sing at Open Mike night in New Hope. Though, he probably won't. So Lisa and Audra will get drunk and hope that the respective guys they like will sweep them into their arms and kiss them with all their might. Yeah, this should be enough to push the blue cell down. Thanks.
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Dienstag, September 04, 2001

U N D E R C O N S T R U C T I O N !
However, the donnacam, wonderwoman, links, & films all work. Right now I am off to Florida and will complete the rest of the pages when I am back next week. :-)
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Sonntag, September 02, 2001

This is a TEST
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