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Hey there!

elvis familyI figured I should pop in and post something. I can’t let more than seven months go by without a peep… well I could but I won’t.

I do have some good news… I am pregnant with another son. Yup. My due date is August 25th. I often find myself just wondering how the heck I got here. Never in a million years did I think I would ever get married or have kids.

This video pretty much sums of how I’ve felt the last 4 years:

Married life is awesome. Business is good. Just found out I was quoted in the London Times last week. Funny how things like that can get past you. We hired a nanny to take care of Jimmy. This lets me work but still be there for him. I think we’ve decided on the baby’s name: Joseph Edward. And rather than call him Joe, we’ll call him Jed. My parents’ neighbor’s son had a pug dog named Ted and my dad thought Ted was just the greatest name. Jed is really close to Ted so I figure my dad would approve.

Gosh, this personal blogging thing feels weird to me– I am really rusty! Was there truly a time when I put it all out there? Yeah, there was.

Well, that’s it for now. Perhaps I’ll pop in again. Hopefully with good news about Jed.

New Year’s Resolutions 2015

It’s wonderful to be in a good place. For years I struggled and for years I lived a life that wasn’t anything close to what I wanted to be living. Finally, I am where I always wanted to be. And it’s scary because there’s this lurking feeling that everything could just go away. As wonderful as life is, it feels tethered to me by a very thin thread.

And now I cast my thoughts ahead to the new year before me. What do I want to be? What do I want to do? What do I want to accomplish?

It was 2 years ago, I went through my past resolutions and found to my utter amazement that for the last decade all my resolutions were pretty much the same. I wonder if it was that realization that helped me take control and steer my life onto course? Perhaps. Maybe I was just ready for it.

The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about resolutions for 2015. This is what I came up with:

1. Create Experiences. Have Adventures. Make Memories.
I look back to when I was a little girl and it was the crazy adventures that stick out and make me smile. My father was always taking us on wild goose chases. We didn’t just go out for pizza, we dedicated ourselves to finding the best pizza. It wasn’t just a vacation to Nashville, we went searching for Dolly Parton. And that Christmas I asked for snow? My dad got us in the car and we drove north until we hit snow. I want to create those crazy experiences for Jimmy, Emily and Meghan. I want to be able to forget work, forget business, and have fun as a family. I want to create memories. And it’s not about traveling to exotic locations. We don’t have to go far. We just need to get out and do something different.

2. Stretch and Move
I’m 40. I can’t believe it either. My body doesn’t feel superhuman anymore. I am constantly tired. And I recently purchased the Note 4 and it comes with a pedometer built in… and apparently according to this pedometer, I might as well be an invalid. I simply don’t move enough.

I can’t go to the gym. There’s simply not enough time in the day. The one thing I can do is stretch and take walks. In the morning, get on the floor and stretch out. At noon, go for a quick walk. After dinner, take a walk. It’s possible. I can do it.

3. Drink only on weekends.
I was never a drinker. I could go weeks without having an alcoholic beverage. It didn’t call me. But then my dad died and I found myself alone and I sought solace in episodes of La Femme Nikita and bottles of 3 Buck Chuck. I wasn’t a drunk and I rarely got drunk but I drank for comfort and relaxation and I realize now it wasn’t healthy. Even after life got better for me, I continued to drink a glass of red wine at night. But it wasn’t just a glass. It was a couple glasses. I married an Irishmen and together we finish a bottle of wine a night. I am tired of it. It’s added calories I don’t need. It gets me tired before I really should be tired. It makes me feel swollen. I am done with it. I am not saying I will never drink again but I would like to have days pass by where I don’t drink a thing. I also don’t want our girls to think that drinking is normal and something that all adults do.

I have decided to cut back on my drinking. No more wine or beer during the week and only in moderation on the weekends.

4. Read books, Ditch Facebook
I made this resolution last year but didn’t keep it. Perhaps this year I will do better. I want to read books. I want to stop endlessly scrolling down the newsfeed on Facebook, getting nothing in return for my time and energy. I want to read books about successful people, awesome business concepts, new ways of thinking about the world, personal development, etc… I want to know that at the end of the day, I am a little smarter than I was the day before.

Jeden Tag ein bisschen besser

5. Think like Walter Bond
I feel like I have one more resolution inside of me. It’s somewhat nebulous. Two years ago I saw Walter Bond speak. It was a moving experience.

Here are just a few of his soundbites I recorded:

  • All ‘buts’ stink
  • Get bigger stronger faster. Commit to change. And believe! Change your clients’ perspective.
  • To be successful… Carve out a niche! And own it! What is your niche? Do you own it?
  • Research people! Find inside connections. Make people feel important.
  • Always look like success! Always look like money! People place value on you.
  • Do you brighten up a room when you enter. .. or when you leave?
  • Do people like you? LIKEABILITY is the biggest secret! It’s not your content, it’s your smile
  • Stop selling products, start selling hopes and dreams!
  • Want to make more money? Change your friends. Your salary is the average of your 5 closest friends
  • Making money is easy!
  • To be successful in business, turn off the news!

Ever since I heard him speak, his words ring in my ears and I am trying to commit the concepts into my daily life. It’s not nearly as easy as one would suspect. But I am trying and I suppose that’s what this resolution is about– to stop trying and just do it already.


And that it’s for 2015…. 5 resolutions for change. I can do it.

New Year’s Resolutions 2014 Revisited

I don’t write much these days; it’s hard being wife, mom, stepmom, business owner, and lazy person. With the new year upon us, it’s time to revisit my past New Year’s resolutions— and it’s one thing I won’t put off.

How I did

1. Stop investing so much time into Facebook. Instead, read more books.

FAILURE. I continue to invest entirely too much time into Facebook. It’s lost time because I get very little useful information from it. I liken my usage of Facebook to video games or playing solitaire. It’s a way to pass time in an unproductive manner.

I wanted to replace my Facebook addiction with reading. I purchased a slew of e-books but I didn’t click a single one open. FAILURE. I think the reason I failed is Facebook is so easy to dive in. It requires so very little brainpower. And because I do have friends there, I feel a warm and fuzzy connection when I use it.

2. Get this new house livable OR find a new house to buy

SUCCESS! It was right around the last new year when I realized the house we were living in was never going to work for us and the only thing to do was sell it and buy a new one. I remember Eddie had some friends over and his youngest daughter had a friend over and with the house teeming with an extra 3 people, I found that the only place I could go was our bedroom with little Jimmy.

Sitting there because there was simply no other place for me, I became determined to find a new home. I opened up Trulia and found a listing for a house in the development across from where we were living. The next day we went to the Open House and fell in love with it. The house had everything we wanted: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, an office, and a basement (with a bar!). The only thing we needed to do was sell my condo.

The very next day I called my Realtor with the intention of firing her. Just as I was about to say, “Lynne, you have failed me for the last time..” she said, “Donna I found a cash buyer for your property!” Lynne still failed me because it was a low ball offer that I was pretty much forced to accept but at least I got rid of it. Lynne was a double agent and collected a huge commission for basically doing nothing and then she came after me to pay her an additional 125.00 for some stilly document printing fee. Unbelievable, right?

So anyway, we put an offer on the new house and by April it was ours and we moved in in May. We replaced the carpets and painted. We love living here. There’s room for all of us.


3. In terms of work, I want to spend as much time with Jimmy as possible.

SUCCESS! I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen after I gave birth. I own a business and have always been the one driving the ship. Luckily, one of my vendors stepped up and kept the ship moving forward as I took a 4 month maternity leave.

Around March I began working again. My mom said she would watch Jimmy. At first it didn’t quite work because my mom couldn’t understand that arriving at my house at 11 and leaving at 3 wasn’t putting in a full day. Eventually I realized that I could work at her house which allowed me to set the schedule. As I work in my dad’s old office, my mom is downstairs with Jimmy. When Jimmy wants to see me, he just drags his g-ma up the stairs. And when I want to see him, I venture down.

It works out really well although I realize that this can’t go on forever and I am going to have to relieve my mom. She’s getting old and I know this is hard on her. I will have to find a babysitter or a daycare facility soon.

4. Get back to my old size.

PARTIAL FAILURE. When I made the resolution to get back to my old size, I was about 40 lbs heavier than my old size. I took 20 lbs off pretty easily. Even though I have another 20 lbs to go, I really doubt I can get back to my old size.

I am beginning to realize that wasn’t a natural or healthy weight. I maintained that weight because all I ate was triscuits, pickles, cottage cheese, and wine. Being a wife and mom, I cook dinner almost every night and I partake in real food.

I believe I can probably get down 10lbs which will get me close to my old weight and into my old wardrobe but without the starvation. The thing is, I don’t think I will be able to hit that goal for at least a year.

And so….?

It was a good year. Hell, it was a GREAT year! 2014 was the year I lived the life I always wanted to live. It was the life that eluded me for years. Wife, mother, business owner. The good news is, it was everything I had hoped and believed it would be. I love being a wife. I love being a mother. I look forward to 2015.

Bo Bo Black Sheep

Elvis and dogMr. Bo isn’t doing too well. He fell down the stairs the other day and now his knee cap keeps popping out. My sister seems to think that he’s on his way out.

Since Jimmy was born, Bo hasn’t been much in my thoughts. He’s underfoot when I’m at my mom’s house and I ignore him as I dote on Jimmy.

Each time Lisa tells me how Bo is just creeping along, I can’t help think of my dad. It was just a few months prior to his own death my father confided in me that he hated to see Bo get old and eventually die. “Chins live only 10 years on average and Bo is 8 years now. I can’t imagine him not in our lives, that silly dog.”

And then just a few months later, my dad keeled over dead. Bo outlasted him.

Lisa picked Bo. It was between Bo and his lemon colored brother. Bo won because he snuggled into her chest and looked up at her adoringly. It also helped that he had the cutest little snot bubbles protruding from his nose that made Lisa giggle.

Bo sat on my lap as Lisa drove the 3 hours home. Holding that little pup, he fit in the palm of my right hand; I just kept thinking, “I will make sure you are safe and well-cared for… you will live a good life, little puppy.”

I can proudly say that I kept my word.

Bo isn’t gone yet and I absolutely hope he is on the mend and not going anywhere for quite sometime. He is a good, silly dog.

Mr Bo, the best Japanese Chin

7 Months & Life Goes On

Elvis is bored by meMy son is ALMOST 7-months-old. It’s funny how time passes. For so long he seemed stuck in development. Nothing more than a slightly animated face. I think it was around month 4 that things started to change. He began to react more and he sat up on his own. Today, he’s trying his darnedest to crawl and I have no doubt in a few weeks he will definitely be mobile.

He is such a happy baby. He’s always smiling and giggling. I dance around with him in my arms and he throws his head back and laughs. Does he sleep through the night? Sometimes. And when he does it’s a beautiful thing. More often than not he will either wake up at 1:30 or 4:00 am. At 1:30, I try to rock him back to sleep and return him to his crib. At 4am I bring him into bed with me. He snuggles in and falls fast asleep. I don’t sleep but instead I stare at him, feeling grateful. For the longest time I fought bringing him into our bed. But then I remembered how I felt as a little girl, when my mother embraced me. It was so comforting and I felt safe and loved. I want Jimmy to feel all those things. And so, I let him snuggle in.

It was end of April that we moved into our new home. It was beginning of May that I asked our realtor to put Eddie’s old house up for sale. I had such a feeling that it would take months and months before we’d find an interested buyer. Especially since my gorgeous condo languished on the market for months and months. What chance would Eddie’s fixer upper that was never fixed up have? Within 5 days our realtor found a buyer. Twenty days after that we closed the deal and walked away with just one mortgage. Talk about blessed!

I feel like we are finally in the swing of things here. The house is painted and carpeted. Jimmy is baptized. All the things we were trying to get done are done. I think I am ready to start at a gym. I want to do some aerobic exercise to clear my mind and get myself back into some sort of shape. I am only about 15 pounds away from my goal weight. Yes, I do curse all the mint chocolate ice cream I indulged in during pregnancy. Whatever. It is what it is. I’ve lost weight before, I can do it again.

What else? I don’t know. Things are just swell. It’s wonderful. I am living my dream.

New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Presley And DateNot sure if it’s possible to top year 2013. In one year, I met my soul mate, got married, and gave birth to a baby boy. I also published the second edition of my book and watched my business grow and expand.

Believe me, it’s not all ice cream and sunshine. I am still struggling to sell my condo and Eddie and I are living in less than ideal conditions… but we are happy and I know that soon enough we will find someone who wants my place and from that equity we will buy a beautiful home for us to live.

Looking ahead to 2014, there are things I want to work on and improve.

Here are my resolutions for 2014.

2014 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Stop investing so much time into Facebook. Instead, read more books.

I have quite a library of books on Kindle that I haven’t read. Instead of reading books, I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, wasting time. No more! I want to read books and actually have a intellectual return on my time investment.

2. Get this new house livable OR find a new house to buy

Ed was in the process of buying this house during the first few weeks of us dating. The house was a perfect size for him and his daughters. But that was okay… we were just dating and I had my own place to live. But then I became pregnant and suddenly it’s not just him and his daughters but now me and Jimmy too. It’s cramped and the appliances are old. In some ways I love the Midcentury Modernness of the house. I queue up Frank Sinatra on the stereo and not only am I listening to the 50’s and 60’s but I’m living in it too. In other ways, I just want a kitchen and bathroom that works and a closet of my own.

And so my resolution is to SELL MY CONDO AND THEN either find a way to make this house comfortable but if that is not possible, we need to find a new house that is comfortable. That means I need to hire an architect and see what it would take to renovate this place while keeping my eye on the real estate listings.

3. In terms of work, I want to spend as much time with Jimmy as possible.

I want to do more writing, videos, and speaking engagements and less day to day management of the business and less low paying consulting work. I also want more positive publicity… like appearing on the Today Show or CBS News Sunday Morning. Lastly, I want to keep growing this business. I want to add value, educate, and inspire!

4. Get back to my old size.

Pregnancy wasn’t too kind to my body. I need to lose 30 pounds. I want to get back to my old size and shape so I can wear my old clothes and feel good about myself.

And so that’s it. As long as I keep these goals front and center, it should be pretty easy to accomplish them… right?

New Year’s Resolutions 2013 Revisited

Every year, I post my New Year’s Resolutions and then 12 months later, I review my progress.

New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

Here we go! How did I do?

1. Meet men and date

Failure & Success

This resolution was a failure only in that I did not meet men.. plural. On January 8th, I called a man from eHarmony. He had a lovely deep voice and I remember thinking he sounded normal and well adjusted. On January 11th, we met for drinks and potentially dinner at Uno’s. I got there first and sat in the glass enclosed entrance area waiting for him. Within a few minutes a tall, handsome man walked in and I thought, “What a good looking man, I wish he was Ed… but this man is clearly married… just wait… his wife and two kids will walk in behind him.” He made eye contact with me and smiled and I quickly looked away, embarrassed that he caught me checking him out. Then the oddest thing happened. He approached me and said, “Donna? I’m Ed.” We walked in together and spent the next 4 hours talking nonstop. We even ordered dinner. Fast Forward… April 1st we learned I was pregnant. Sometime in June, Ed officially proposed with a ring. October 12th we got married. December 6th I gave birth to our son Jimmy.

And so I didn’t meet men and date… but instead I met my soul mate, got married, had a baby and created the family I always wanted.

2. Exercise and eat healthy


I didn’t exercise anymore than usual— and although I ate a bit healthier because I was pregnant most of the year, I also ate an awful lot of ice cream… it was this strange craving I had throughout my pregnancy. Anyone who knows me personally should at this point say… “But Donna, you ALWAYS have that craving!” True but normally I can resist it, pregnancy, on the other hand, rendered me unable to resist.

3. Travel


I didn’t travel. We went to Cape May on our honeymoon. I don’t consider a two hour car ride travel. We also headed to Wildwood a couple times. Again, I wouldn’t consider that travel.

4. Make House Comfortable

Success and Failure.

Okay, so this is interesting. I hired painters and had them paint over the boring white with Benjamin Moore’s Smokey Taupe. I threw away old clothes and items that kept me clinging to the past. I took down pictures that depicted single women and replaced them with a painting of a happy couple. I really went to town. And in some ways I think the work I did helped me change my outlook which allowed me to connect with Ed.

So how is this a failure?

My house is now for sale and I am living with Ed in New Jersey in a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE HOUSE. It’s too small and very old and outdated. The thing is, I am okay with the cramped conditions… I am with Ed and Jimmy and that makes me very happy.

5. Keep my business forging ahead


We did amazingly well.

And so…?

2013 was truly the best year I have ever experienced. The last two years were so difficult. 2011 my father died and the man I thought I loved left me. 2012 I worked hard and tried to recover but all I did was make stupid mistakes and struggle. But then came 2013. I met my soul mate, got married, became stepmother to two girls, and gave birth to James Richard. And not only am I happy but my mom and sister are over the moon! My mom is finally a grandmother, my sister an aunt.

Life is good.

And so what about 2014? Resolutions will be posted soon!

Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

Baby Jimmy is due December 7th. If he decides not to come on or before the 7th, I’m scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, December 10th.

I am ready.

I can’t wait to have Jimmy out from inside me. I can’t wait to lose the belly and get back to my old size. And I am ready to become Jimmy’s caretaker. Yeah, I am scared sh*tless over the responsibility of it. The sheer amount of effort. The change in focus from myself to my son. But it’s time. I’ve spent 39 years concentrating on me. And it’s gotten rather boring. It’s time to change things up.

How I am going to do it, I have no idea. I thank God for my support system. My mom and sister and my husband and his daughters will all help out. Plus, if I am truly terrible at it, I can always hire a nanny to help out.

I really wish he’d come sooner rather than later. I am tired of this limbo land. Everything is on hold, waiting for Jimmy’s arrival. I can’t even say I am enjoying the last vestiges of my old life because this current life is not at all my old life. I am fat and swollen and constantly tired, constantly peeing, never drinking, rarely moving, horribly dependent and not free or able to do much at all.

Eddie wants to go to a Christmas Party this weekend and I just simply don’t want to be seen in this state. What do I wear? The only thing that fits is a bed-sheet toga and a pair of his sneakers. Not exactly my idea of how I want to be seen.

It was just the other day I had a realization: Jimmy is a rebel. When I first discovered I was pregnant, the doctors seemed to delight in telling me that I needed to be aware that with my age, there was high probability that there would be problems. After tons of testing, everything showed normal. It was two weeks ago, the doctors wanted to induce me because my blood pressure was a little high. After testing, they sent me home. Despite everyone’s predictions, Jimmy continues to do fine. Maybe that’s why I feel very calm. I am not even a little worried. I feel really confident and certain all will be fine.

An April Post

Two years since my dad died. The anniversary was the 9th. It amazes me how much has changed since that fateful day. And even more major, monumental changes are on the way.

Change is good. I need change.

I’ve been lucky to have had an extended childhood. I lived at home with my parents until I was 29. I spent the last 10 years living in a pretty carefree manner. My thirties have been very much like my twenties except I lived on my own.

Am I ready to put away childish things?